KB update: Day 558!

I don’t know if anyone else agrees, but I’ve really been missing doing the daily KB updates! Writing has always been an awesome “destress” outlet for me and I don’t think I realize how much I truly enjoyed blogging for her until these posts have gotten way too far apart!

I feel like Kensie has been growing up overnight. In the last week or 2, she’s gone from some words here and there to a complete chatter box. Today alone I head her say 3 words I hadn’t heard before!

She’s also mastered throwing things in the trash when you ask her to, her sassy behind is finally back to giving kisses (she wasn’t about it for a while), she says MAMA when I’m not around (YAAASSS) and knows her Binky stays in the crib and the car! She throws them in so proudly and then applauds herself for it. 😂

Kensie ALWAYS says “dada” around me. I got a text from Chris while they were at the grocery store that said “this has been going on the whole time” and I am pretty sure it’s one of my top 3 proudest moments of my life thus far. Haha!

When I picked Kensie up from daycare last Wednesday, her teacher told me “Kensie love dance! She dance dance! Bailar!” (She speaks little English, so that’s literally how she told it to me). Don’t I know it. 😂

Today, she was telling me she knows how to say her friend’s name. I clarified (whole language barrier thing) a solid 4-5 times because I was sure I wasn’t correctly understanding. “Kensie say Jaleene! Come Jaleene! Vamos Jaleen!”

When I posted about K starting daycare (which feels like forever ago) I mentioned a sweet girl that always comes up and hugs her and tells her “hi baby!” when she gets there. Well, that is now Kensie’s favorite friend. “Jaleene”! I’ll spare you the details of our Spanish/English conversation about it, but when we left, sure as shit, Kensie said “bye Jaleene!” WHAT?! She really does say her name!!!

Daycare Water Party!!! 

Writing this down sounds like a very ridiculous thing to be excited about, but hopefully the other mommas will get my excitement. 😂

Kensie has also been paying attention to the potty training going on around her at daycare! She’s been sitting on her potty at home (fully clothed), taking the toilet paper and “wiping” and throwing it in there. 😳 I definitely didn’t teach her that!!! (Parenting win!! If I end up not having to potty train her myself I’m more than ok with that. LOL)

…and this isn’t her stroller. But she’s obsessed with sitting in it. (Thanks Aunt Robin and CK!)

There’s been some serious attitude and serious sweetness wrapped up into this little nugget lately. She’s started swatting at people and thinks smacking is funny. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Then there’s moments like this, where she just wants to go for walks and hold my hand and it completely melts my heart.

K had her 18 month check up and she’s popped up to the 25th and 27th percentile! She’s 21lb and 30.25″. Still a mini nugget, but she’s got a steady growth chart!

And I was the worst Dr Appt photo taker ever! (But that mom behind me is crushin it!)

I’ve been able to stop worrying about her lack of eating as well. Basically, she just doesn’t eat for me. With my mom? No problem. Eats any and everything. With my MIL? Also no problem. Daycare? Eats it all and asks for more. Home? Still on a picky, hit or miss struggle bus. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Oh well. One day maybe. Lol

I’ve been slacking at photos of this kiddo as well but the reality is, I miss all the good stuff anyway. If I try to catch her in action she stops. Every. Time. I’ll try to step my game back up – and hopefully make a habit out of these posts again…even if it is just for me! 😉

Also not her car seat. Thanks Aunt Ash and HenRo 😂 My child likes to live in the past. 

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