Day 536 (thanks, Google)

Oh, hey guys! We’re still here!! It’s been fun seeing K’s old blog posts show up on my time hop and remind me of all the things that happened in her first year. So, I felt the need to continue updating when something notable happens. Today, that notable thing was Kensie’s first successful temper tantrum. 😂

Her fake “mad” face 🙄😂

KB has been working on her “mean mug” face and pout the last week or so. Today she put it all together with a scream, clenched fists and even stormed away. She threw her head back for some extra drama. It. Was. Gold. 🏆

It lasted a solid 15 seconds and then she got her head off the bench (it was at the gym and she walked to the bench and put her head down for a second) and walked away like nothing just happened. Glad you got that out of your system, girlfriend.

In general she’s still super sweet and loves her “baby friends”. She’s just practicing for her upcoming role as a Threenager (I’ve been warned)  

Kensie was also a word master today!!! I got a “peeze” (please), “yard”, and my absolute FAVORITE: “lalooloon” …balloon, with an extra syllable. 🎈🤣

I cant even begin to describe to you her obsession with Baby Einstein’s right now, but when I let her watch it she is in heaven and I put on “baby Wordsworth” and she copies it! That’s where she learned “yard” and she’s been signing “teddy bear” and “bird” nonstop.

And she thinks low shelves are chairs  

I felt like a Gold Medal was in order for the “peeze”. I mention in a recent post that Kensie calls everything “this” because she points at stuff and I say “this?” 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’ve been trying to name everything or when she asks, at the very least I try to get her to say “please?” My hard work finally paid off! (Plus it’s super cute)

Now, if I could just get her to stop saying “dada” all the daggone time we’d be GREAT. 😜

KB has been so back and forth with eating. We had a solid week of her eating anything and everything, (it was one of those super notable things I was so excited about that we actually did a post, haha!) now we are back to being picky mcpickerson and all she will eat is oatmeal. This child is going to turn into an oat!!!

I tried ravioli, turkey and a pouch. Fail x3

We ARE 100% on that sippy cup life now, though! We are also still about that pacifier life. 🤷🏼‍♀️ The day will come…eventually.

And last but not least, K has been LOVING that her Aunt Shell is home from Afghanistan!!! She’s been stealing all the snuggs!

Lucy is so jealous in this photo  
Kensie likes to hijack people’s strollers 
K is all about her Aunt Shell!!

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