I’ve lost count!

BREAKING NEWS: Kensie drank her milk from a sippy cup yesterday!!!

MORE BREAKING NEWS: She’s been eating all of her food, and even asking for more!!! It’s a miracle, y’all.

(And mamas – I need your help again!!! Keep reading…)

Disclaimer: the above news was written for a blog yesterday and I didn’t get around to posting. As of this update, she grabbed the top of her milk this morning after a sip of it, handed it back to me and told me “no”. 😂 Alrighty then, kid. That’s okay. Progress is happening. Ha! She did drink (most of) her milk this afternoon from it so we’re getting there.

If anyone has a picky child like me, or trouble transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup, the Nuby transition seems to be working for us!! I mentioned our “situation” a few weeks back (in my post about the rude doctor) and had a few friends recommend this cup. You can change out the nipple from a bottle top to a sippy cup top. We had her drink from the “bottle” one for 3ish weeks and i just changed it to a sippy cup this week.

I feel like I’ve missed one too many updates to squeeze them all in here so I’ll aim for the cliff notes.

We’ve been CRAZY busy the last few weeks and K has gotten in some serious QT with both of her Grandmas! I’ve definitely missed this little babe so her daycare days have been few and far between. 🙈 When she does go, she LOVES it (and no more tears at drop off!), she even got invited to her first birthday party! Well, first one for her friend instead of my friends’ kids. Lol!

KB has also been crushing the Español game thanks to her daycare teacher. One of the girls at the gym asked if she wanted more water in Spanish and Kensie responded. 😳 I am already behind on understanding this kids advanced sign language, now I’m not going to know what she’s asking me for half the time. 😂

My favorite part of it all is the huge smile, run to me and never ending hug I get when I pick her up. Ah. What mom dreams are made of. 😆

As a mom – I’m learning a lot of things. One being that solutions are MORE than different for each kid and I’m open to any and all of them!!! Here’s where I need ya, mamas! Our next mission: bye bye binky. 😳 I think this one will be easier for her than for me. Lol!!

I know cold turkey is an option, but I’m not interested in that at the moment (and I won’t sit here and defend my reasoning for it). A friend suggested 2 things that I think might help wean her:

⁃ Poking a hole in/cutting the pacifier so she can’t suck on it anymore

⁃ Cutting the pacifier completely off of the stuffed animal and just give her the animal

She only uses the wubanubs and we have gotten it down to keeping it in her crib while she’s home. I do let her take it in the car as well. And sometimes the gym when she’s tired/cranky. Ok so really more than her crib. LOL If you have a solution that worked for you, let me hear it!!!

I am also learning that I will quickly find out what phrases and words I clearly say too often. Kensie calls all food “this”. When she says she wants to eat, or points, I hand her things and ask “do you want this?” So, now everything is “this”. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Lesson learned. Hahaha!!! I’ve really been focusing on using everything’s individual name since I made this discovery. I’m a work in progress. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’ve posted a few videos on my Instagram and FB, but K is back in swim lessons and doing amazing!! She has a week or 2 left so I’ll but sure to post a “final” video once she masters her swim-float-swim skill!

Kensie’s other new skills include putting on any and all shoes, stealing keys and walking to the car to try to unlock it, stealing keys and walking to the front door like she’s going somewhere, and pretty much anything that you’d expect from a 16 year old girl. So, pray for me. Thanks.

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