17 Months Old!

Get ready for the KB photo/video overload!!! My favorite little goof is 17 months old today! This month has been the month of Daddy. Their bond has grown so much over the last few weeks and I’m not even (too) jealous because it’s the sweetest thing to watch.

ALL the snuggs

They’ve been going on Daddy/Daughter dates and I’m not sure who looks forward to them more!

UCF Baseball Game!

When daddy’s home, she wants all his attention. She likes to tell him ALL the things, steal his food and sit on his lap while he’s working. He is also the magic diaper changer. When I change her, I get fussed at and basically have to hold her down to keep her from flipping over or sitting up. When daddy does it, complete silence and she stays still. 🙄 That part I am jealous about. She still loves her mama, though. 😉

Selfie Queen

Kensie is becoming the best little swimmer and loves swim lessons now! Well, I should clarify. She loves to swim, but doesn’t love that she has to take a break from it to roll onto her back and breathe. We’ll get there. 😂 (For those that keep asking, she goes to Mrs. Heidi with SwimSprout LLC! They are AMAZING and she has instructors all over Orlando!)

If you watch my Instagram stories you have also seen KB’s obsession with her swim diapers. She will find a pack of them and brings them to me or Chris and bounces up and down begging until you put one on her.

KB has become quite the chatter box and whatever language she is speaking is pretty entertaining to listen to. We’ve got LOTS of “go”, “dog” and “go dog”, mama”, “eat eat eat”, “love you” (Chris even got a love you dada on FaceTime🙄), “moe” aka more, “ah don” aka all done, and tons of words in her language that I have yet to learn.

The absolute best is her Spanish “no”. She’s got the finger wave and all. Perks of a Spanish nanny. 🤣

Kensie can brush her teeth and tries to use her Q-tips on her own…until I take them away and she gets mad at me.

Of course, some things never change. She is STILL the balloon lady, LOVES her puppies and babies and gives them all hugs and kisses and welcomes them with a sweet wave and “hi baby”.

Her favorite game is “pick up” and it cracks her up every time she tricks someone into doing exactly what she wants.

She’s made quite the gains at the gym this month. I haven’t caught a video of it yet, but she can hang on the bar all by herself!! 😯 She loves to “deadlift”, help coach and learn how to do everything the “big kids” are doing.

She REALLY likes to be a part of mom and dads workouts…

Stage 5 Clinger status

Daycare has been the BEST. She is so happy and it’s like a welcome party when I drop her off. All the “older” girls love her and help take care of her. And now, when I pick her up she gets a huge smile and runs and hugs me. It’s my absolute favorite part of the day. 😍

She even cheeses for the photos they send me now. 😂
The best “pick-up” hugs!!!

This little girl is the first one to run to her when I drop her off and tell her “Hola Bebe!!!” ❤️

Eating still hasn’t been our strong suit. Some days are better than others, but she’s extremely picky and really likes to make sure it’s a challenge for me. She does great eating at daycare and for Gramma. 🙄 Even sans appetite, we finally had a small growth spurt because her 9 month pants are starting to creep up!


K is growing up so quickly but we are taking in every second of it and love watching her little personality bloom!

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