Day 398-402

What a fun (long) weekend we had! I don’t have too much to tell you guys, just lots of photos to share from Kensie’s Thanksgiving festivities. The highlighted development is KB’s photo posing. She’s nailed the “cheese” – we just have to work on where she’s looking. She looks at the camera unless someone walks by and distracts her. Or the wind blows. Or basically anything else happens.

Cheesing level: expert

The naps were sparse this weekend but the memories are worth it! Our weekend started on Wednesday with Thanksgiving at Grandma B’s.

Hall Family Thanksgiving

Kens ate a dinner roll…and nothing else. 🙄 She also discovered that standing on tables is super fun and has proceeded to crawl on top of every table she can since.

Time with cousins!

Thursday we got to spend the day with lots of family!!! My Aunt, Uncle, Grandpa and Cousins all flew down from Wisconsin to spend Thanksgiving with us. We had so much fun hosting and K was loving all of the attention.

The boys took K around the block using string to steer and a swifter for the pedal. It was obviously successful.


see? Posing skills on point! 

I was super excited to break out K’s “My First Christmas Tree 🎄”!! She finds it fun to put the ornaments on, then take them off and throw them.

It’s not actually her first Christmas tree since I got her a pink one for her room last year – but I’m thinking now that she’s walking and grabbing and throwing that I might have to keep that one packed up this year. 😔

On Friday, we headed to Epcot! Kensie didn’t take a single nap from 11a-8p. 😳 She was happy as could be, but I’m still racking my brain trying to figure out how she even managed that.

Just missing Chris! (He was at the UCF game!)
Kens drank around the world, too
More stroller pushing, her favorite hobby.

Northern fam took full advantage of our Florida “winter” and spent the day at the pool. My dad got us all these matching snowman shirts; we felt it only appropriate to take the photo outside with the palm trees.

And you thought we were extra in our annual matching Christmas PJs 😜

We finished off the weekend by celebrating Baby Henley’s dedication at church, followed by brunching!

In case you thought I was kidding…still going strong.

After nap time, Christmas tree shopping took up the rest of our afternoon. Kensie didn’t mind one bit, and daddy picked out the perfect tree!

She was much more aware of the situation this year 😉

CA894623-3815-4D38-B303-5696433E8246 …PHEW. And 5 days later, K is still sleeping through the night!

And to all, a goodnight!


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