Day 403:Santa Photos

This photo makes my heart so unbelievably happy. I was SO excited for Kens to wake up this morning and see our Christmas tree! In such a cynical, negative and overly sensitive world, her innocence and the excitement she finds in the smallest things are SO refreshing.

Today we went to visit Santa with Baby Henley! I always say I need Kensie to learn a lesson in “stranger danger”. She put that in to practice today.

Safe to say K was NOT a fan of sitting on the lap of a creepy old man. Or even being near him. 😂

Before and after our magical time with Santa (haaaa!) she was happy as could be.

K was a little extra tired today though. All last week I’m not sure if I was being fooled or if she actually hit a growth spurt and was napping. I never use her monitor because I can hear her when she wakes up. Over the weekend I checked it during a nap…to find her playing with her curtain and climbing her crib. So, now I watch it.

Home girl is slick. She plays very quietly. But when I put her down for a nap, she doesn’t actually go to sleep until 45 minutes after I think she does. 🤦🏼‍♀️

The lack of napping caught up to her today and when Chris brought her home from the gym she laid on the floor with her pacifier. Very subtle, KB.

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