Day 397

I spy with my little eye…a new tooth!!! Finally, one snuck by me. I usually know when a tooth is about to break through because Kensie turns into a gremlin and wakes up screaming multiple times a night. This is officially my favorite tooth since it spared us the drama!

Kensie napped the morning away and then we ran errands to get ready to host Thanksgiving!

This was her when I told her to say “cheese” 😂
Shopping is exhausting  

She took another solid afternoon nap and then it was off to the gym like always. KB went into straight party mode at the gym and had a blast running around for 2 hours. Literally. She didn’t stop moving the entire time.

Baby Addison showed up, too! I just posted in her 13 month update how much K loves to walk strollers around. Nothing’s changed. She took Baby Addison for several laps.

She’s trying so hard to be good and not grab her

I scooped Kensie up so the class could get ready for the their workout. She has an obsession with sitting on the grey mats. Every time they’re down, she goes and sits on them. Right before I started the clock, Kensie waltzed over to Doug’s mats where he planned to do his handstand push-ups. She had other plans. 😂

Got my seat guys, carry on. 
Started eating her cracker and everything  🤦🏼‍♀️

Kens wore herself out and was in bed, asleep by 6:45pm. Since I’m posting this the next morning (oops) I can give you a spoiler alert: she also woke up at 6:30am. 😫

BUT! Guess what!!!! I got the video of her “mama” noise I’ve been talking about! It may not be “mama” to anyone else, but she’s trying so I’ll take it! (If you missed it, when I ask her to say mama she makes this noise every time. She thinks it sounds the same because she hasn’t figured out the “mmmm” sound with her mouth). I mean she’s been saying Dada since she came out of the womb…I’m actually impressed with her creativity and going above and beyond to try to say Mama. That has to mean I’m her favorite, right? 😝

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