Day 384

Guys. I realized I left out the highlight of the day yesterday. While Kensie was at swim lessons (pissed) she was working on her float. Heidi let go of her and was making her actually work for it. Kensie lifted her hands out of the water and signed “all done”. 😂😂😂 This kid kills me. 

Finally got it together today. 🙌🏼

The highlight of the day today was that she FINALLY did her float correctly again! It was strong and beautiful and made me feel much better! 

The not highlight of the day is I had to…discipline? Kens for the first time. I guess that’s what I’d call it. She’s started doing this high pitched scream when she wants something and it’s not cute. Okay, it’s kind of cute/funny right now but I refuse to encourage it because it’s the start of temper tantrums. I learned a lot about how well positive reinforcement works at her age from her swim lessons, so I took that and refused to give K what she wanted until she did what I told her to do. (Put her binky in and relax 🙄) 

It’s really hard to say no when I look at this sweet face.

Other than that episode, Kensie had a great day with awesome naps. She even got to spend some time with B (her Grandma) today while I packed! 

This afternoon as we got ready to leave, I was walking around the house turning off lights, locking the back door…all that responsible stuff. Kens was wandering around and I was telling her it’s time to go. Next thing I know, she was at the front door, reaching for the handle saying “go, go, go”. 😳

Tomorrow she’s off to Grandma’s for the weekend and we officially have her on weaning duty. 😳 I came up with a (hopefully good) plan to get Kens on more solids and regular milk while I’m away from her for a few days. My original plan had this process drawn out a little longer, but to be honest now that she has 4 top teeth that shiz is starting to HURT. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

Anyways, fingers crossed this works out. You know I’ll update you on the progress. 😉 I’m going to miss this little boog this weekend so I snuck her out of her crib onto the couch with me tonight to watch the CMAs. K snuggles are the BEST. 

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