Day 385-388

It was a GREAT, long weekend and we did it…we weaned!!!

Our last feeding!

Chris and I went on a trip this weekend so Kensie spent the last 4 days with Grandma! I️ missed KB a ton, but we had a great time with friends and K had the best time with her Gramma, Grampa and Uncles.

When I dropped her off, she hugged Gramma and wouldn’t even come back to me! That never happens with this mama’s girl.

So, I can’t remember how much detail I️ shared but I️ posted a while back that I planned to start weaning K once she tuned one. In my mind, the process was going to be a few months and I was going to keep a night and/or morning feeding for a while before completely stopping. I didn’t have an exact plan, just a loose timeline of what we were working toward.

For us, this weekend just happened to work out. Kensie wouldn’t drink any normal milk when I tried to give it to her. Her Pediatrician suggested having Dad offer it, since she knows I have something different to offer. That’s not an option for us since he’s at work 90% of the times she eats. I didn’t have enough breastmilk saved up to get Kensie through the whole weekend so I had my mom mix the milks to start introducing Whole milk. By Saturday morning, Gramma had her on 100% Whole milk and stopped the breastmilk all together!!

I didn’t think it would be that easy, but I was pretty excited it worked. (And relieved since she didn’t really have another option…lol).

I looked up some information on how to stop pumping so I could get my supply to slow down. Luckily, I had already done a lot of it the last few weeks as I started to spread out K’s feedings more and more and took some of them away completely.

Over the weekend I got down to 2 pumps – once when I wake up and once before bed, about 12-13 hours apart. Tonight, I only pumped one side and I stopped 1oz short of what I’ve been pumping to signal to my body that I don’t need that much anymore.

I️ am giving Kensie the rest of the breastmilk I’ve pumped until it’s gone, because no way I️’m letting it go to waste, she’s just going to get it from a bottle now instead of from me.

I was worried that once I saw K she’d dive for the boob; the thought of telling her no and her screaming slightly broke my heart. I wasn’t even sure if I’d turn her down or maybe still feed her once a night or something; hasn’t really thought through what I️ wanted to do. The good Lord must have known I couldn’t handle that kind of disappointment so by some miracle, she hasn’t done it!!! She even went to bed tonight without trying to get me to nurse her. It made me feel better that it seems like we were both ready for this transition.

I’ll admit I️ was (and am) feeling slightly guilty because I know the health benefits are great for her. A friend asked me a few weeks ago what made me decide a year was a good stopping point and my honest answer is slightly selfish. I️ was extremely proud of us for making it a whole year and am ready to have that little bit of freedom and my body back to myself for a while. Since she doesn’t necessarily need breastmilk or formula anymore, I️ wanted to take some steps toward weaning and see how it would go. After this weekend, I️’m confident the timing was right and this is just how it worked best for us!

It’s bittersweet but it was a chapter that would come to an end eventually.

KB isn’t impressed. The WordPress app updated and won’t let me caption photos now 🙄, but these are from what I thought may be our last time nursing! Chris actually made a joke about me taking one and I was like, hm, not a bad idea. Now I️’m glad I did!

I could write another 1,000 words and share photos of how great my weekend was, but since this is KB’s blog, I’ll leave you with photos from her weekend instead. 😜

And 2 of my now favorite videos. One of her first workout (squats for dayssss) and the other from dinner on our way back home tonight. Kensie always fake feeds herself when she has a fork and a plate and I find it hilarious. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Okay – I think I covered it all! I️ hope Kensie is worn out enough to sleep in tomorrow because I could definitely use some extra shut eye…but no matter what time she wakes up I️’m excited tohave my babe back!

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