Day 382

What started out as a promising day (minus the traffic ticket I got 🙄) ended with me wearing Kensie’s vomit. 

How something so gross could come from something so cute is beyond me. 😂

I’ll start from the beginning. (Saying that makes me want to break out in song from the Sound of Music. “A very good place to starrrrtt”. Just me? Okay, anyways…) 

K went to the gym with me, came home and took an awesome nap, and then we ran a few errands. Of course one of them conveniently involved Target. And Target conveniently has a Starbucks. 

That nose scrunch kills me. And this cup is empty if you were worried.

Starbucks, the new cup designs are cute and all, but bring back the RED!! Please and thank you. 

We got home just in time for lunch and in typical Kensie fashion, she wasn’t eating much. She refuses veggies if they aren’t in a pouch. I gave her chicken, turkey and some cheese…and a little cereal because the girl needs some iron. She ate some bites here and there but a few minutes in she was signing “all done”. 

I remembered seeing a mom ask for advice in a group I’m in because her kid wouldn’t eat. Someone suggested smoothies. So, I gave it a go. 

Strawberries, Blueberries, Spinach, Whole Milk Yogurt with Probiotics and Whole milk. (Zero breastmilk)  Blend. 

HOLY SHIT SHE LIKED IT! (“Mikey likes it!” 😂)

So, I was pumped. Felt like we really accomplished something big. She went down for another nap and then she got up and we headed to swim lessons. 

Her float was still crappy today 😩 and she wasn’t exhaling when she needed to. She got out and I took off her wet clothes and wrapped her in a towel. Then it came. A big burp. Followed by a warm sensation all down my side. Yeah, that’s vomit. 

I froze for a second as everything ran through my head. Um what do I clean this up with? Where should I set her in the meantime? How do I get this off of me? Do I have time to make it home for a change of clothes before I go coach? (No). Super. 

Naked Kens is now standing on the pool deck with a towel half around her. I used the other towel to clean up the puke. Mid puke cleaning Kensie starts PEEING. ON THE POOL DECK. NAKED. Lawdy! Now one towel is covered in vomit. The other in piss. I’m covered in vomit still. My child is naked, wet and crying. 

It was definitely one of the finer moments in my parenting journey. 

We managed to get our shit together and make it to the gym on time. At least one of us was in clean clothes (hint hint: it wasn’t me). 

At least she still loves me even when I smell like puke.

Before class I am telling one of the other moms who brings her daughter to the same swim lessons about what happened. Mid story, K takes her pacifier out of her mouth and hands it to her. I look at Kensie’s and luckily move my face to the side – vomit. Again. Twice. Luckily this time it resembled water instead of her spinach smoothie that I was oh so proud of just hours before. 🤦🏼‍♀️ (Thanks for helping us clean up, Suzanne!!) Kens seemed much happier after that episode. 

Had to rep the Packers for her Wisconsin family!

Daddy came to the rescue and took Kensie home early. 

Football with Daddy!

At this point, Kensie has woken up twice in the last 4 hours screaming at the top of her lungs wanting me to nurse her back to sleep. (Yes, screaming. Not crying.) I’m going to give up any hope of a good nights sleep before I even brush my teeth. 😩

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