Day 380-381

In this weekends developments: Kensie now screams at the top of her lungs when she wants something, refuses to eat real food (mind you it’s the same food she was all about eating last week) and has lost the ability to sleep through the night. It’s charming. 

On the other hand, her naps have been AMAZING.

Also, daylight savings, you’re ruining my life. 

My attempt to sleep in Kensie’s playroom as she partied at 6am

Kensie is NOT one of those babies that you put down later and they wake up later. She wakes up around 7-7:30 whether she goes to bed on time (by 7p) or 3 hours later. Last week, she started being an angel and sleeping until 8-8:30! Then today happened; daylight savings. UGH. It was a struggle to keep her up until even 6:45p and this morning we had a 6:15 wake up. I am going to need her to adjust STAT. 

She cute tho 💁🏼

She hasn’t quite figured out she can open the door, but she spent a solid 20 minutes climbing in an out of her car today.

This morning we went to brunch with Aunt Shell before she had to head back to Afghan land. 😢 Our food took a while to come out and Kensie is the high chair Houdini; so, instead of letting her wander all around the restaurant we did what any great parent would do, we let her climb on the table. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ 

She looks mad. Or sad. She was just talking. Aka yelling.

This kid has zero volume control. If she has something to say, she’s going to make sure the WHOLE building knows it. So, the whole restaurant was aware that she was sitting on the table. Luckily there were enough of us there they weren’t sure who the mom was. 😂

I ordered the SAME eggs and pancake as last time. The ones Kensie LOVED last time. This time? Nope. Just played with them. Refused to eat a single bite. And I didn’t feed her before, so I know she was hungry. 🙄 

KB does this new thing where she HAS to hold a fork and pretend eat off it. She smacks it on the plate, sometimes on food, and even if it’s empty she puts it in her mouth. Sometimes she’ll offer it to me or someone else as well. One thing is for sure, Kensie is the BEST at sharing. 

Guys she seriously thinks she’s grown.

K even shared her pacifier with Henley…then we upgraded her babysitting skills so she’d give her the right one. 

Over the weekend Kensie mastered the “stand up”! She usually uses something, a wall, a person, anything to help her stand up. Kens now has the squat to stand down and didn’t crawl anywhere today! 

Our weekend ended with having to drop Aunt Shell off at the airport. 😔 Kensie gave her a big hug and 2 sweet kisses. We already miss her but luckily she isn’t gone nearly as long this time!! 

Not sure why we smiled. 😭

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