Day 379: Kensie’s first trip to Disney 

Luckily KB’s fever went away in time for her very first trip to Disney!!!

Huge thanks to our sweet friend Daniela for the hook up. 😉

Her fever was gone before she went to bed Thursday night and thankfully, it stayed gone. On Friday we went to the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot and I am pretty certain Kensie had as great of a time as the rest of us!

This is her “mom stop trying to take my picture and let’s go” photo.

Kensie was loving that there was so much to look at! 

So happy! And yes I️ turned her stroller seat around to face us because I’m paranoid.

Dad on duty.

Sometimes Kensie walks all over the place on her own. Other times, she takes you on a walk with her. If she grabs your fingers – it’s game over.

We made the mistake of letting her walk in one of the stores. That meant she wanted to walk EVERYWHERE. 


She took BahBah on a walk

Then it was Aunt Shell’s turn.

As you can see above, she isn’t shy. All the employees would comment on how cute she was and reach down and she just grabbed their hands. 🤦🏼‍♀️ We really have to work on that “stranger danger” concept. 

All the walking wore this babe out and she took a solid afternoon nap. I was pretty jealous. 

The sleepy eyes

Between napping and walking, KB got extra spoiled. Rob was dancing with her and they disappeared into the store. He let her pick out her first Christmas ornament and said “she picked two”. 🙈😂 you know this Christmas loving mama was 100% in support of that purchase. 

Just a little sidewalk waltz

He also got her a Pooh bear which she hugged and it was the most adorable thing ever.

While I’m aware that K won’t remember this and it was more of an “adult” trip, at least the photos will prove to her that she had a GREAT first time at Disney World. Thankful for such a fun, happy little girl that loves to be out and about with us! And of course for the best friends ever that help us take care of her (and spoil her rotten). 

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