Day 378

Kensie had her very first fever today. 😔

After I took her temperature she kept putting the thermometer up to her head 😂

The good news is she isn’t sick. The other good news is I got a LOT of extra hugs and snuggles today. The bad news is she definitely wasn’t feeling great. 

Grandma B came over yesterday to hang out with Kens. She told me she felt a little warm and just sat with her the whole time I was gone and didn’t really want to do much, then went down for an early nap (that never happens). 

Last night K woke up crying around 3am and felt extremely warm. I took her temp and it was 99.8.  When I got her up just after 7 to go to the gym I  took it again. 101.6. 😩 She went right back to sleep and slept until 9. Which also never happens (but damn was it nice 😂). 

Since she didn’t seem sick, I assumed it was teething. Then it hit me. 

Kens got her measles shot at her 12 mo check up last week. The nurse warned me it could give her a fever about a week later. I kind of wrote it off since she’s never reacted to shots before.  

Once she was up I gave her some Tylenol and her fever started going down. The few seconds she’d take not attached to me she was in pretty good spirits. 

Fever and all, K still rocked her bow today. 😝

Since she’s been in her big girl car seat she doesn’t sleep in the car as much. She likes to look out the window. Today, every time I put her in there she was out in less than 30 seconds. 

Such a sleepy babe today.
K was a stage 5 clinger all day, but I miss the days she actually sat still that long so I was more than okay with it. I tried to squeeze in a workout so I put Kensie right next to me to attempt to keep her semi happy for a few minutes. It almost worked. 

Oh wow! What’s mom doing?
Nevermind I don’t care. I just want to be held.
Seriously. Real tears.

Murii showed up and held her while I finished and then K was in better spirits. She seemed to feel a lot better as the afternoon went on. I took her temp before bed and she was back down to 97.4. So, her screaming bloody murder at me for giving her a bath is a slight mystery. 🙄 

Yesterday morning Kensie and I went grocery shopping and I got a ton of new foods to get her to try. So far she’s turned down everything but yogurt, turkey and bananas. I’m going to chalk it up to not feeling well and keep attempting it throughout the weekend…and well, for forever. She’s gotta give in and eat real food eventually, right? 🤦🏼‍♀️

Once these next 2 teeth break through she will have a total of 8, so this weaning thing is about to go into overdrive.

Big kid cart!
She threw all of those eggs on the floor. 🙄

But she was pumped about the yogurt.

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