Day 374-376

Whoa. I thought I’d start spacing the blog out to every couple days…terrible idea. This is way too much to post at once. 😂 Part of the reason for my slackerness (I know it’s not a word, just go with it), is because we have been NON-STOP the last few days! 

We got back from Colorado super late Sunday night, spent Monday recovering and getting ready for a crazy, fun, busy week, and tonight we celebrated Halloween with the best of friends! 

Alvin and the Chipmunks!
The cutest little chipmunks! And of course K stuffing her cheeks with food to stay on character. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Yo, you guys wanna watch me run away?
Oh, hey there Alvin!
It looks like Henley’s giving K the right hook
Riley would like to know why Kensie is smacking his truck 😂

As you can see, a lot of DIY happening with the costumes this year! Kensie was going to be a pineapple but I didn’t like any of the outfits I found. A friend of mine dressed up for a high school event as Alvin and then I got the idea to call in the squad and create the cutest little costumes for them! Simple, yet effective. I figured it was extra appropriate with how good Kensie is at storing food in her cheeks. 

I was also extremely impressed with Casey’s dump truck skills. Riley really wanted to be one (last photo)…mama for the win!!

K spent Halloween morning at the gym and got her first babysitting gig! 

“Thanks for calling CFEO. This is Kensie, can I help you?”

I started to push Henley around while Ashley finished her workout and Kens came and took over. She did that nonstop for a solid 5 minutes and only stopped because they left. 😂

Yesterday was nothing special to report. K took the day trying to get adjusted back to her schedule. She was definitely crankier than usual and didn’t sleep as much as I thought she would, and she has another tooth breaking through. 

She rocked her other bow butt pants 💁🏼😍
Of course she had to pose for one.

And that brings us back to Sunday! We had so much fun celebrating Uncle Andrew’s birthday! 

K’s fave…BALLOONS!

Since we had to catch a flight out of Denver that evening, we went to a brewery on the way. Wanna talk about a small world? We ran into Rob’s whole family there! (The guy Kensie calls “Bah Bah”). K LOVED playing in the leaves and Wake shared all of his toys with her! 

Loves Baby Rieter!

The flight home was smooth and quick and we lucked out with an empty middle seat! Kensie fought it for a while, but about 2 hours in she finally gave in and went the heck to sleep. 
She gave me false hope at first by sitting still and watching Moana for a whole 15 minutes.
2 hours of straight wiggling will do that to ya.
This was Kensie as the plane landed. Not phased. 😂

Phew! Okay. All caught up. 

Oh, and I watched Baby Einstein’s this morning while I had it on for K and learned the sign for “mom”. Pretty sure Kensie has been signing it for months. That and another word that I can’t remember now because I was just way too excited that she says mama in at least one language. Ha!!!

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