K’s trip to Colorado!

Kensie has had such a fun time in Colorado visiting her Uncle Andrew and (soon to be) Aunt Catherine! She’s struggling a bit with the time change, but the views have kept her happy in between her naps! 

The flight out was the longest flight K has been on. She fought her nap with a few screams but other than that she was great, she just wouldn’t sit still. Holy wiggle worm! Not that I expected anything different. 

Our failed attempt at saving the middle seat

we resorted to playing on the floor for a while…until she wanted to crawl under everyone’s seats.
She was loving the view!

Catherine (my brother’s fiancé) flew us out to surprise him for his 30th! Surprised he was!! Kensie hasn’t seen them since she was 2 months old at Christmas, but she was pretty excited! 

Peek-a-boo with Uncle Andrew!
This overtired babe was all giggles

Our first stop was a brunch spot called Snooze! 

Spiked coffee. Magical.

Kensie ate some eggs and played a game called “empty every sugar packet from the bowl and then put them back and do it again 600 times”. Super fun. 

Then we headed to Garden of the Gods! The views and weather were AMAZING. 

That post hat hair, tho. 😂

The travel, exploring and time change made for one super sleepy babe!!

Today we headed to Cave of the Winds. We did a cave tour and zip lined on the side of the mountain! K just spectated for that part. 

Caves of Kensington?
I’m just posting this one because I can’t stop laughing at it.
Kens and I were twinning in our vests today, but she wouldn’t cooperate for the photo. 🙄👯

After the caves we went to lunch and did some shopping on Colorado Ave! I am in LOVE with this weather and walking down the street with mountains in the background isn’t too bad, either. OH! And K said the word “book” today! 

They have a book line called “indestructibles” that babies can’t tear and they can chew on them and you can even wash them!! How cool!?
Park strollin!

The time change (2 hours behind) meant a 5:30a wake up today and some crazy thrown off naps, but Kensie has been so good through her sleepiness and has been loving spending time with her family and looking at new places and people!

 We still have one more day in Colorado, but I figured I’d break the trip up into more than one post or the amount of pictures might freeze the WordPress app again. 😝

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