Day 370

KB has a busy day…and it ended at the Pumpkin Patch! Kensie picked out her very first pumpkin. She made sure it was a good one by licking the side and attempting to chew the stem. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Kensie enjoyed rolling this off the hay on to the ground.

Then laughing about it.

Thanks for the Facebook recommendations for those who gave them! (Minus Rob’s Publix suggestion 🙄) We went to Painted Oaks and they had an adorable set up!

K is still working on directing her attention when she does “cheese”…

Girls trip with Aunt Ashley and Baby Henley!

They also do horse rides and Kens was mesmerized watching them!! After she was done staring in amazement she called it a dog. 

This morning we got to meet another sweet friend, Baby Charlotte aka Charlie!

Baby and momma are doing well and we are excited to have another little lady in the tribe! If anyone is looking to get pregnant, especially with a girl, come join CFEO. I think we’re up to 12 pregnancies and 9 girls (in the last 12 mo).  Something like that. 

This morning K and I paused for a photo shoot before we got in the car because the weather was too gorgeous not to enjoy! She was killing the model game. 

I guess the cool weather makes her extremely happy. It has that affect on me, too. 

The rest of our day was running to the chiropractor, swim refresher and the gym. Kensie is cutting MORE teeth so her float and breathing was not the best today. Mrs. Heidi is going to have K back in 2 weeks once the teeth are through to make sure she’s truly good to go for the fall. 

We have another crazy day tomorrow but hopefully it’ll involve both of K’s naps. For my sake.

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