Day 348

2 hours. 2 long, sweet, quiet, peaceful, productive hours while Kensie napped this morning! Had I known I would have so much free time I would have made a fresh coffee, kicked my feet up and caught up on some TV shows. 😜 Instead, the mom in me rushed to get every little productive thing done that I could thinking she would wake up any second. 

Kensie was the ultimate ham today. She provided some serious entertainment on this otherwise very mundane Tuesday! 

Only took one attempt to get her outfit photo done today. Boom!

After her 2 hour nap that I might have already briefly mentioned, we ran some errands and one of those errands just happened to be at our favorite store. 

I realized I never ate breakfast…so I shared some banana bread with KB.

To the target employee that found a chunk of banana bread on the floor somewhere: I am sorry. I try to be respectful but I didn’t see when she threw it and I was unable to locate it afterward. 🤦🏼‍♀️

But you can’t really be mad at that face. (That hair tho…)

KB had a blast “picking out” clothes. …or holding the clothes I picked out. Same thing. 

Cat & Jack finally realeased some new clothes and we found GOLD SPARKLE PANTS WITH A BOW ON THE BUTT.

The small things make our day

Sleeping beauty was sure to let me know when she was ready for her afternoon nap. The drama with her is unreal sometimes. 

Ok mama, wrap it up. 😂

Like, are you even really my daughter with that attitude?! 😜

After a solid afternoon nap we headed up to the gym. Today was a special day at the gym because it was Kalleigh’s First birthday! Kensie practiced giving and it went pretty well. K took the bow off the present, but then she handed it to Kalleigh so that makes it okay. 😉

I think Kensie was just really excited that Kalleigh was about to be in grabbing distance.
And then she just patiently sat on the present…🤔
Happy birthday, Kalleigh!

Once the birthday excitement was over, K got her workout in. 

That wasn’t the only working out she did. Kensie figured out how to climb on the couch (the tall part) as well as a stool at the gym today. The climbing isn’t so bad. It’s the getting down that gives me a mini heart attack. If someone would like to get her a helmet for her birthday, we will definitely put it to good use. 

K escaped after her bath tonight and decided she needed to take an evening stroll in her towel. It was super cute so I didn’t stop her. Thankfully she didn’t pee on the floor this time. 

Halloween costume?

Today I’m going to end with one of my favorite videos, basically ever, of Kensie waving “hi” on demand. If you follow Bows of Kensington on Facebook or Instagram…or saw my IG story today then you may have already seen this. Yeah, I might have put it everywhere. 🤷🏼‍♀️😍

Day 347

Fellow mamas: half PSA, half question. I was told  today a law went into effect saying babies have to stay rear facing in car seats until they’re 2. I couldn’t find it via google sooo anyone that can confirm this? 

I mentioned car seats the other day when I ordered one for Kensie and a few people have asked me what I went with. We chose the Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit. 

After spending some time reading ratings and reviews, I was between the Britax and Graco 4Ever; first concern being safety, second being comfort. The Britax is 30lb so a pretty heavy car seat if you plan to move it between cars. The other thing that sold me on the Graco was the literal “4Ever” portion. If we went with the Britax, there’s a potential we would have to buy a forward facing backed booster at 65lb and those were another $300. This seemed to be a long term solution and still offer safety and comfort! I also went with the Extend2Fit since K has long legs and I’ve heard it’s a huge reason it starts to get uncomfortable facing backwards. Not sure how practical it will be yet, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. 

On to the good stuff: photos of Kensie. My new phone came today so I will no longer get “storage full” notifications and I have a WAY better camera to take photos of K with, now! 😉

Just holding her monitor because she thinks everything she can reach is hers…

And videos, because the front camera is also great and mainly because when she’s 16 I want to annoy the mess out of her with how many baby videos I took. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Kensie got a little banged up today working on her Ninja Warrior skills. Her 10th attempt at getting to the dogs food and water bowls was a success and she made it there before I could stop her. The result was water all over the floor and a metal bowl to the face (she literally picked it up and smacked it into her own face). 


I had to wash one of the couch cushion covers so the cushion wasn’t on the bottom, which meant the couch was low enough for K to climb on. She had gone up and down multiple times throughout the day with no problem. Right before we had to leave for the gym she misjudged the distance, took a roll and hit her head on the ground. 🤦🏼‍♀️😢

We had some hard crying and real tears but she was a champ and over it pretty quickly. (And I checked her eyes because I’m terrified of her getting a concussion). 

Kensie was all smiles and no falls once we got to be gym. She even got to see her friend Kalleigh which they both seemed pretty happy about!

If y’all thought I was out of control before with how many photos I take of Kensie, it’s about to go to a whole different level with this new iPhone camera! I might need to keep this blog going past a year just so I have somewhere to post all these photos…😜

Still growing into these 9 month onsies…

Day 345 & 346

IT’S BIRTHDAY MONTH! Ah! (And my favorite quarter of the year…🎄) Kensie had an eventful weekend and spent every second growing up right before my eyes. 

K walks (no longer crawls) out of her baby gate, gives kisses on demand (well, it’s hit or miss), had her first “own meal” at a restaurant, went tailgating, watched the Knights win and closed out the weekend with her one year photo shoot! 

Homegirl was pooped!

It was suspiciously quiet in her playroom Sunday afternoon so I went to check on her. Safe to say K was worn out from her late night at the football game. It was the first time Kensie has ever just put herself down on the floor for a nap. 

Saturday we went out to grab lunch and ordered Kensie her very own burger. It was more of a toy than a meal, but at least she was entertained!

Kensie was sure to have food in both hands at all times. When she didn’t have a third hand for the (previously sucked on) fry she attempted to eat it off the table. 🤦🏼‍♀️ (I did wipe it down before she sat there) She also tried to share her meal with everyone that walked by…

Big girl booster seat

Saturday night Kensie cheered on the UCF Knights and even got to see her friend Jake!

Baby Knight! Thanks for the photo, Britt!
Another touchdown! Yay!!!
She kept holding Jake’s hand. 🙈
So excited!!!

The game started at her bedtime so we weren’t too sure how it would go. Homegirl held out for about 2 hours and finally gave in around 9 and went to sleep in her stroller. 

The tray doubles as a foot rest. Add that to your marketing, Graco
Double fisting once again.

Sunday was mostly spent recovering from her messed up nap schedule and late bedtime on Saturday in hopes she’d be in good spirits for her one year photos!

She was saving her smiles for the other camera 😉

We lucked out in many ways. Kensie was a super happy girl and loved taking photos!  She cooperated for all of them except the one I wanted for her party. 🙄 I’m hoping Briana worked her magic like usual and captured one for us! (If anyone in Orlando needs an amazing photographer check out Briana Lugo Photography – she did Kensie’s Newborn photos as well and we love her!)

The weather wasn’t looking too promising either. Shortly before we thought we may have to reschedule. We’re thankful she took the chance! We did our best to crank through the photos and got them all in just before the sky opened up and poured down on us. We were walking to the car when the clouds let loose. SAFE!!!

Behind the scenes of her cake smash!
Man down!

Now the count is on to Kensie’s actual birthday and party. I really can’t believe October is already here! I vividly remember last October and being so excited that K was due.

Fair warning: these posts may or may not get sappier and sappier as these next 2.5 weeks go on…