Day 345 & 346

IT’S BIRTHDAY MONTH! Ah! (And my favorite quarter of the year…πŸŽ„) Kensie had an eventful weekend and spent every second growing up right before my eyes. 

K walks (no longer crawls) out of her baby gate, gives kisses on demand (well, it’s hit or miss), had her first “own meal” at a restaurant, went tailgating, watched the Knights win and closed out the weekend with her one year photo shoot! 

Homegirl was pooped!

It was suspiciously quiet in her playroom Sunday afternoon so I went to check on her. Safe to say K was worn out from her late night at the football game. It was the first time Kensie has ever just put herself down on the floor for a nap. 

Saturday we went out to grab lunch and ordered Kensie her very own burger. It was more of a toy than a meal, but at least she was entertained!

Kensie was sure to have food in both hands at all times. When she didn’t have a third hand for the (previously sucked on) fry she attempted to eat it off the table. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ (I did wipe it down before she sat there) She also tried to share her meal with everyone that walked by…

Big girl booster seat


Saturday night Kensie cheered on the UCF Knights and even got to see her friend Jake!

Baby Knight! Thanks for the photo, Britt!
Another touchdown! Yay!!!
She kept holding Jake’s hand. πŸ™ˆ
So excited!!!

The game started at her bedtime so we weren’t too sure how it would go. Homegirl held out for about 2 hours and finally gave in around 9 and went to sleep in her stroller. 

The tray doubles as a foot rest. Add that to your marketing, Graco
Double fisting once again.

Sunday was mostly spent recovering from her messed up nap schedule and late bedtime on Saturday in hopes she’d be in good spirits for her one year photos!

She was saving her smiles for the other camera πŸ˜‰

We lucked out in many ways. Kensie was a super happy girl and loved taking photos!  She cooperated for all of them except the one I wanted for her party. πŸ™„ I’m hoping Briana worked her magic like usual and captured one for us! (If anyone in Orlando needs an amazing photographer check out Briana Lugo Photography – she did Kensie’s Newborn photos as well and we love her!)

The weather wasn’t looking too promising either. Shortly before we thought we may have to reschedule. We’re thankful she took the chance! We did our best to crank through the photos and got them all in just before the sky opened up and poured down on us. We were walking to the car when the clouds let loose. SAFE!!!

Behind the scenes of her cake smash!
Man down!

Now the count is on to Kensie’s actual birthday and party. I really can’t believe October is already here! I vividly remember last October and being so excited that K was due.

Fair warning: these posts may or may not get sappier and sappier as these next 2.5 weeks go on…

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