Day 348

2 hours. 2 long, sweet, quiet, peaceful, productive hours while Kensie napped this morning! Had I known I would have so much free time I would have made a fresh coffee, kicked my feet up and caught up on some TV shows. 😜 Instead, the mom in me rushed to get every little productive thing done that I could thinking she would wake up any second. 

Kensie was the ultimate ham today. She provided some serious entertainment on this otherwise very mundane Tuesday! 

Only took one attempt to get her outfit photo done today. Boom!

After her 2 hour nap that I might have already briefly mentioned, we ran some errands and one of those errands just happened to be at our favorite store. 

I realized I never ate breakfast…so I shared some banana bread with KB.

To the target employee that found a chunk of banana bread on the floor somewhere: I am sorry. I try to be respectful but I didn’t see when she threw it and I was unable to locate it afterward. 🤦🏼‍♀️

But you can’t really be mad at that face. (That hair tho…)

KB had a blast “picking out” clothes. …or holding the clothes I picked out. Same thing. 

Cat & Jack finally realeased some new clothes and we found GOLD SPARKLE PANTS WITH A BOW ON THE BUTT.

The small things make our day

Sleeping beauty was sure to let me know when she was ready for her afternoon nap. The drama with her is unreal sometimes. 

Ok mama, wrap it up. 😂

Like, are you even really my daughter with that attitude?! 😜

After a solid afternoon nap we headed up to the gym. Today was a special day at the gym because it was Kalleigh’s First birthday! Kensie practiced giving and it went pretty well. K took the bow off the present, but then she handed it to Kalleigh so that makes it okay. 😉

I think Kensie was just really excited that Kalleigh was about to be in grabbing distance.
And then she just patiently sat on the present…🤔
Happy birthday, Kalleigh!

Once the birthday excitement was over, K got her workout in. 

That wasn’t the only working out she did. Kensie figured out how to climb on the couch (the tall part) as well as a stool at the gym today. The climbing isn’t so bad. It’s the getting down that gives me a mini heart attack. If someone would like to get her a helmet for her birthday, we will definitely put it to good use. 

K escaped after her bath tonight and decided she needed to take an evening stroll in her towel. It was super cute so I didn’t stop her. Thankfully she didn’t pee on the floor this time. 

Halloween costume?

Today I’m going to end with one of my favorite videos, basically ever, of Kensie waving “hi” on demand. If you follow Bows of Kensington on Facebook or Instagram…or saw my IG story today then you may have already seen this. Yeah, I might have put it everywhere. 🤷🏼‍♀️😍

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