Day 349

Today, I’m thankful for Amber necklaces. I don’t care if you think they’re B.S. They’re like magic in Kensie’s world!

Rough life.
Kensie has a fussy, clingy morning. It’s like she knew I had a lot to get done so she spent every second attached to my legs, asking for “up” or fussing. She wanted anything that wasn’t hers and to be anywhere she wasn’t supposed to be. 

Of course I gave in multiple times and sat there and held her; sometimes that wasn’t even what she wanted. I wasn’t to sure what she wanted. 

I walked out of her playroom and didn’t shut the gate completely. KB was out of my sight for maybe 20 seconds and I hear a splashing noise. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Oye vey.

After K’s nap she was still a crank. I remembered a few weeks ago she dropped her Amber necklace behind her dresser. I got it out and put that baby on. Y’all. 20 minutes later…I swear I had a new child! 

Oh hey there angel baby! You’re more than an inch away from me and not crying? It’s a miracle!

The rest of the day went much better than it started off. 😅

Chris got home early and K gave him her excited squeal when he walked in! 

Party in the playroom!

Kensie wasn’t in any sort of mood to entertain herself, but she was happy at the gym today as long as she wasn’t in baby jail. 

Keeping score for Lindsay. Such a great assistant!

When Kens was ready to go, she was sure to let me know. 😂

This is the typical response face to “Kensie, what are you doing?”
K mom. Wrap it up. 😂

She’s been crawling into her car seat lately when she’s tired and I find it hilarious. K took it one step further today and decided to turn it into a balance board so that game had to end. (At least until she gets a helmet). 😜

You better believe that necklace is going back on first thing in the morning! 

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