Day 367 & 368

It was a sleeeeepy, sleepy day for momma and KB! We were both on the struggle bus after a busy, but fun weekend! Kens woke up at 6:45 and we relocated to her playroom where I was half zombie, half sleeping on her playmat. 

On Sunday we went to brunch to surprise the birthday girl, Carolyn! K CRUSHED some eggs, so, apparently she likes those now. 

Just smiling for the camera 💁🏼

This is the result of telling Kensie to “cheese!” She is loving having her Aunt Shell home!

Obsessed with balloons. When we showed up she ooed and aaahed and pointed because she thinks they’re all for her now.

Cellphones and Selfies. 2 of K’s faves.

We tried to take a baby besties photo…but Kensie just wanted to get down the whole time.
Happy birthday, Carolyn!!

After brunch we went to a baby shower for sweet Baby Axel!! I somehow didn’t take a single picture with the pretty momma, but she got one of KB! 

Party girl!

I spent the morning (post zombie – once Kensie went down for a nap) trying to get everything put away from her party and then KB had a fall refresher for swimming today! 

Checking out her new playroom set up!

K took a super short morning nap and then it finally caught up with her. Her afternoon nap was 2 long, quiet, blissful hours. 😂 I actually woke her up from it so we could go to the gym. 

Speaking of “go”…that’s Kensie’s new word. This morning I got her dressed and said “we have to go!” And was telling the dogs to get out of the room and Kensie started saying “go, go, go!” She then proceeded to say it for the next 5 minutes until we left the house. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Kensie got extremely cranky right before bed tonight and started chewing on her bib and hand. I felt her 2 top middle teeth but the 2 outside of those haven’t broken through yet so I have a feeling they’re on their way. 

Tomorrow morning is KB’s one year check up!!! My guess is 27 inches and 21lb. I’ll keep ya posted. 😉

Post dinner festivities!

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