Day 366

What a weekend!!! I think I’m less sure of what to say in this post than I was on Kensie’s actual birthday. 

See ya later, year 1!
But really. The balloon floated away. 😂
Saturday was Kensie’s birthday party and holy moly…I won’t have to buy this kid anything for the next 7 years, at least. K needs another entire playroom just to fit her new books, noisy toys, slide and pink Maserati. 🤣

Thank you, Garbans!!!
Thanks for setting her standards way too high early on, Titi and Bah Bah!

I asked people to bring letters for Kens to open when she’s 18 and some of the gifts/letters/time capsules that people came up with were SO special. I made the mistake of reading some of them and let’s just say I hope I don’t cry that much when I reread them in 17 years. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

The best part of Saturday was seeing how many amazing people Kensie really has the privilege of growing up around. She really is so, so loved (by them and those that weren’t there!) and Chris and I are so grateful to have the absolute best friends and family. 

Birthday babe!!!

I owe a HUGE thank you to Michelle, Charlotte and Ashley for spending so much time helping me with the party before, during and after! You ladies are amazing. And to my momma, dad and brothers for helping me clean up, taking care of KB and putting together all her new toys so I didn’t have to! 

Kensie had a few moments of uncertainty but overall she had a blast playing with her friends and loved all the attention! She even gave out some kisses. 😉 

I sent a friend a few photos (“few” hahahahahaha) and he made a pretty amazing video to capture Kensie’s first year for us! Hopefully this link works…and I was told I should give you a tissue warning. 

As I write this Kens is sleeping next to me in her new 12 month PJs and they actually fit her. That happened literally overnight. 

Now, if someone can tell me how/where to store all these bulky ass baby toys and chairs I’d appreciate it. 😫

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