Day 365: Happy Birthday, Kensie! 

It’s HERE! It’s Kensie’s first birthday!!! What a year it has been. First off, thank you all so much for the the posts, texts, phone calls, etc. KB is SO, so loved! 

Birthday girl LOVED the balloon party she woke up to!

It’s truly been the best year of my life (and hers, by default 😜) and I am SO glad I kept up with this blog and have all of these memories to look back on! I started scrolling through the very first posts the other day and while it feels like yesterday, I also had already forgotten so many details. 

Miss October 💁🏼

I don’t event know where to start with documenting this month! I feel like she’s grown up so much in just a few short weeks. 

See? Grown. Just chillin.

Kensie still loves the puppets on Baby Einstein and gets SO excited to see them. Now she mimics their movements and some words! 

She can say dog (her favorite word 🤷🏼‍♀️), duck, jack (more like dack), Dada, bye, and a word that sounds like “this” or “kiss” (I haven’t figured it out yet). Kensie can say and sign all done, bye, hi, and sign more, eat and please! She mimics sounds, including whistling, yet still won’t say mama. 🙄

Aunt Emmy brought KB a special balloon today!! She LOVES balloons
And a cake! (Banana bread and Greek yogurt frosting. Well done Em!!!!!!)

As of today, Kensie has started finding food she wants and bringing it to me to open for her! We made it a whole year of breastfeeding which I’m so proud of us for! (And looking forward to weaning 😉) 

K gives the best hugs and kisses and loves holding hands. When people tell her “hi” she turned to them and gives the cheesiest, yet cutest smile. If they’re extra lucky she waves. 
She has 4 teeth up top and 2 on bottom. K is 20ish pounds and 27 inches tall! She finally fits in some shoes which is perfect timing because she is walking alll over! And climbing. I have a feeling she will be getting out of her crib on her own soon. 😳

Kensie is catching on to everything in her routines and “talks on the phone”, tries to brush her own hair, puts her necklace to her neck, and puts bows on her head. 

This is how she tells you she’s about to crawl away from you. “Bye bye!”

Well guys, I did it. I kept a small human alive for a whole year! It was a year of learning and growing for both of us, but I’d say we did alright. Words can’t express how grateful I am that I had the opportunity to work from home and take care of KB full time. It wasn’t always easy, but every second was so worth it. 

As we all know, parenting doesn’t come with a manual. Luckily we have some amazing people in our village to guide us and the most important thing they’ve done (other than love the mess out of KB) is offered advice and supported the decisions we’ve made. 

Kensie slept in a chair inside of her crib for months. She sleeps on her belly sometimes. We coslept. I fed on demand. I vaccinated her. I let her watch TV. She’s in a gym that’s way too loud and dirty for her; she literally licks the floor sometimes 🤦🏼‍♀️ (I don’t know why..don’t ask). When her pacifier falls I wipe it on my pants or use my own mouth to clean it and then I give it back to her. I’ve left her sitting in another room screaming for a few minutes because I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I wake up in the middle of the night and feed or hold her if she cries. I’ve used anything and everything as a burp cloth. I’ve kept her out way past her bedtime. According to the books I did a lot wrong. But I look at her and I’m pretty damn sure I did it all right! 

Happy First Birthday, Kensington Brooke Hall! Your daddy and I love you so very much and we are and will always be your biggest fans! 

And now, it’s party time!!!

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