Day 364: Aunt Shell is Home!!!

Today was the best day because AUNT SHELL IS HOME!!! She took leave and came all the way from Afghanistan to be here for KB’s first birthday!

The daily FaceTimes must have worked because K definitely recognized her and gave her the sweetest hug! Michelle is Kensie’s God mom so it is so special to us that she was able to make it home! 

The welcome committee. Henley was obviously thrilled 😂

We weren’t the only ones excited to see her… Jack was all out of sorts this evening. He completely lost his mind and climbed up on the chair over to her but we let it go for a minute because we needed a photo. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Speaking of Jack – he was “out of sorts” earlier today too. He was acting extremely weird this morning (usually does when he did something bad) and then I discovered he went to the bathroom in the house. 🤦🏼‍♀️ The point of me telling you this is because Kensie thought me telling him it was bad was absolutely hysterical. 

This morning K and I got some last minute party errands done and she made some important new friends. They’re important because they work at Starbucks. 

She was a waving fool today! EVERYONE got a wave and a smile.
The barista gave Kensie her own cup and she fake drank out of it. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

As far as K’s “big girl” skills go – she was an amazing eater this morning for breakfast and she even got her first babysitting practice in trying to help with Henley at the airport. 

Henley was crying so Kensie gave her her pacifier. 😂😍 I wish live photos worked in WordPress because this one is perfection. 

She loves baby Henley! 💕

For breakfast K nommed down some eggs like they were going out of style and  let me feed her yogurt! 

She’s “helping”…
Daddy made an egg casserole and it’s Kensie approved!
I promise some of it made it into her mouth.
I know I sound ridiculous and cliché and blah blah blah – but I cannot believe this little girl turns one tomorrow! I put this in my blog a few days ago but Incase anyone missed it – Chris and I want to write a letter for K on her birthday each year and save them for her when she’s older. I wrote her letter this afternoon as she napped and damn…let’s just say someone must have been cutting onions while I was writing. 

To clarify, I’m not sad she’s turning one. I’m so excited for every single day with this babe and it’s so much fun to watch her grow and learn. I’ve truly enjoyed every stage of ages so far (Seriously; it just keeps getting better!) it’s mile markers like these put life into perspective and make you realize how precious time is and how fast it goes by. 

The blog will have to keep going for at least a little longer. Now that we hit the year mark, I owe you guys an update on that bow count. 😜

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