Day 363

This night a year ago, I went into labor with Kens! Actually as I write this, it was the exact time we were getting ready and heading out the door for what would be the 27 most painful (yet rewarding) hours of my life! So, how fitting that today we installed Kensie’s BIG GIRL car seat! Ahh!! HUGE thanks to my friend Kendall who is car seat safety certified for coming to help me install it correctly!!

That smile says it all!

Kensie is loving it! She’s up higher now and can see out the window and she is all about that life. 

I was in full party prep mode today while Kensie was in full “practice being a big kid” mode. 😭 She was walking all over and even squatting down to pick things up and standing back up with them all on her own. 

She’s excited she can run away now.

K does this all the time and I have no clue why 😂🙉

This afternoon Aunt Casey came to visit kens and bring her an early birthday present! K loved the tissue paper and seeing her boyfriend, Riley. 

One more day y’all. ONE. MORE. DAY!!!

Here are a few more photos from K’s One Year shoot. The photographer wanted to stop here and get these while we were walking to a different spot. So glad she did. They’re too sweet!!! (Behind the scenes spoiler: Kensie kept trying to eat that flower. 🤦🏼‍♀️)

Ruffle Butt Model
What you can’t see is me on my knees under her in between photos so she didn’t fall 😂
I’m obsessed with this one!!!!! That sweet, innocent face kills me!

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