Day 362

I’m going to start this post with the end of our day, because it’s my favorite. (Sleep is great and all, but that’s not what I’m referring to). After I dream feed Kens, she always rolls off me and lays on/near me. A few times she’s crawled over to Chris and laid on him. We all know I’m feeling extra sentimental/emotional this week (judge me. I don’t even care) but the little things like this are what I am going to miss most as she keeps growing! 

Heck, I already miss cosleeping. When I try it now Kens flails around like she’s fighting a bear blindfolded and usually wakes me up with an arm or foot to the face. 

Today was a GREAT day for miss Kens! She had more wake ups than usual last night but the Motrin seemed to help some. She slept in until almost 8!! Since we were (ok, I was) so well rested, we made it out of the house before her morning nap! Not a usual occurrence for us…

Of course we went to Target

This kid. Would not. Sit still. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I looked like a very careless mom with my child standing/turned around in the cart as people walked by. I promise I buckled her in and kept making her sit back down. I needed 3 arms in order to hold her down and push the cart at the same time. Our bodies do amazing things when we are pregnant. Not sure why growing an extra set of arms isn’t one of them. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Oh look. She’s almost forward.
Annnnddd there she goes…
K bye.

We headed back home for a quick morning nap and then B came over to play with Kens! 

I was very thankful for the extra time to get some party crafts done and run some errands while Kensie hung with B and showed her all of her new skills: walking while talking on the phone being one of them. 

When I got back home K was nice and worn out and went straight down for an afternoon nap. I actually had to wake her up from it to go to the gym. 

The reason I’m never on time.

K worked on her selfie game today with Nichole while they hung out together in baby jail. Kensie loves taking photos of herself and I love how hilarious they always turn out. 😂

That chub!! 😂

Okay if you’re still reading, here’s you’re reward: more photos from her one year session!!! Ah!!!! I seriously cannot stop looking at these. I’m SO happy with how well they turned out. 

For her cake smash photo my sweet friend Jany (Jany’s Sweet Delights) made her cake for me!! I know I sound ridiculous but I didn’t want Kens on a sugar rush or to puke, so I didn’t want “real” cake. Jany was the BEST as we sent recipes and ideas back and forth and came up with this Zucchini bread cake and coconut cream frosting! (K loves zucchini so I thought it may go over well. Success!)

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