Day 361

Well, today confirmed it. Zero to a hundred is DEFINITELY KB’s style – we have a WALKER!! It’s not a step here and there, either. It’s crossing rooms without even bribing her! 

Every time I set K down, I put her on her feet. Usually she squats down and crawls. Today I did it, and she took 10 steps across the room. Pretty sure my jaw dropped. I stood her back up to see if she’d do it again…13 more. Wahhhh?!?

I figured as soon as I tried to get a video she would stop. I was wrong! She strutted it for the camera and I caught another video of her walking in her playroom! 

She’s still crawling of course, and I think she knows that’s still faster, but she’s definitely intrigued by the idea of walking! 

In between practice KB was such a sweet cuddle bug today. Her nap schedule was all sorts of off and I think her teeth were bothering her, but she was a happy sort of calm! 

Great chair, thanks ma.
And then she spotted the camera😜

I randomly decided to replace one of Kensie’s feedings today with whole milk. She wasn’t exactly down with that. 

She tried it out of the cup and shoved it away. Her face says it all. 😂
Sooo I attempted the bottle. She still wasn’t a fan.

Once I moved it into the bottle Kensie would take a sip here and there and toss the bottle. Haha! 🤷🏼‍♀️ A friend recommended mixing it with breastmilk to transition her little by little. To be honest I didn’t want to have to pump every time in order to do that so I figured I’d give the cold turkey thing a shot. K is apparently not going to let that happen. 

K wanted to read a “buh”.

It’s been a rough start to the night with 2 wake ups in the last 2 hours. 😔 I gave Kens some Motrin because she keeps chewing her fingers. I’m hoping it’ll hold her over for at least a few hours so she can rest. Poor babe. 

Along with the walking excitement today – we got Kensie’s one year photos back!!!! I am OBSESSED with them!!  Briana Lugo Photography amazes me once again. 

Here are a few from the beginning of the session – I’m saving the others for her big day. 😉

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