Day 359 & 360

IT’S BIRTHDAY WEEK! Ah!! The ultimate question…to continue her blog or stop? 🤷🏼‍♀️

I guess I’ll kick this post off with the big news from the weekend: Kensie started taking steps without being coaxed! 3 separate times today, (that I saw) K let go of what she was holding on to and took 2-3 steps to get to something else. She’s starting to figure out the shortcut. 😳 

Gotta strap her into everything so she doesn’t start running away. Someone want to get us a leash for her birthday?? (Kidding)

K’s weekend was off to a rough start on Saturday after her late night out Friday. She’s not one of those babies that “goes to bed later, wakes up later.” She’s a go to bed later, wake up at the same time as usual and be super grouchy kinda girl. 

This video is not her being grouchy, it’s just cute.

I gave up on trying to get her to go back to sleep and we went to the gym. It kept her occupied enough to stay happy until nap time! 

Team WOD practice
Kens and Addison loveee smiling at each other and holding hands 😍
Favorite gym game: throw allllll the balls. And GO KNIGHTS

Ah, nap time. My favorite part of Saturday. K slept for 2 WHOLE HOURS Saturday afternoon. She woke up happy as could be (finally) just in time for the babysitter!!! Our sweet friend Sarah came over to watch Kens for us so we could go to he UCF game, sans baby. 

Alumni Gang…our Knights are 5-0 in case you didn’t know 💁🏼
Parents Night Out 😜

Sunday by some stroke of magic she slept in until 8am!! (She’s usually up between 6:30-7). She only woke up at 8 because our neighbor decided that was an appropriate time to mow their lawn. I was slightly pissed, but I was in shock she even made it to 8 so I tried to be grateful and not go throw rocks under their lawn mower. 

She put herself there.

We decided to go out for a breakfast date and Kens was extremely happy with that decision. She ate a pouch while we waited and then devoured some scrambled eggs and a few bites of pancake! 

If you read this blog regularly you know that Kensie is very hit or miss with “real” food. Sometimes she’s all about it other times she refuses it. Not only did she eat at breakfast, but she also ate 2oz of yogurt before bed! K went 6 HOURS between nursing today!! I don’t know if I’m happy or sad about that…but I’m proud of her. Lol 

Miss Independent will only eat if she gets to feed herself.
Which resulted in her snorting yogurt. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Kensie was doing all sorts of funny things with her mouth today. She makes this new sucking motion with her bottom lip and she shoves her finger in her pacifier and chews on it. Tonight I was pushing K on her swing and got a good angle to see the top of her mouth. I was wrong about the top 2 coming in. The TOP FOUR ARE COMING IN. Woof. No wonder she was on the struggle bus a few days ago. 

Teething snacks? (She wishes)

In my mind, babies didn’t start tantrums until they were about 2. You know. “Terrible twos”, right? False. My child has figured them out already and holy hell, if she keeps it up she’ll be an only child. She’s perfected this new high pitched scream that she does when you take away/won’t let her have something she wants, and it’s everything I don’t enjoy listening to all rolled into one. 🙄 Luckily it’s only come out when she’s been really tired/grouchy but I’m hoping she doesn’t make it a thing. 

It was a great last weekend of being a “baby” 😭 and we’re so excited to see Aunt Shell this week and celebrate Kensie’s big day!!!

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