Day 358

I don’t think I’ve ever had a set of more hilarious photos to post of Kensie than I do today. I’ll admit for a split second I was like “hmm maybe I shouldn’t do it. The judgement might be strong on these.” Then I looked at them again, laughed just as hard as I did while it was happening in person, and decided to post them anyway. 

We had a Corn Hole event at the gym tonight. It started right at K’s bedtime so I wasn’t too sure how late we’d make it. I think it’s safe to say Kens was having a BLAST. 

Pumpkin beer. So basic.

Why is she so good at that 😂😂😂 We couldn’t stop laughing. For the record, the bottles were empty. If anyone has a connection at Blue Moon, tell them they’ve got a new ad campaign model. 

Don’t worry, it gets better. 

Or maybe it doesn’t and no one will find this as hilarious as I did. Andres gave Kensie tattoos and it really had me second guessing her Halloween costume this year. 😂

That’s a tear drop on her face.

It was an expo marker and it came off with a rag and water – but damn it was hilarious while it lasted! 

We also caught this little booger WALKING on video tonight! She did it a few times and seems to be getting much more confident with it! Uhhhh ohhhh!!!!! 

Earlier today, Kens helped me do some reorganizing in her closet. Home girl was loving it!

We ran a few errands after her morning nap and K sacrificed ANOTHER binky. This time it was her elephant. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I even went back in and looked for it and asked customer service if someone turned it in. No luck. 

She also does this thing now where she holds her hand out to touch/grab anything she can reach. She does it while I’m holding her too so I have to walk a certain distance away from the walls and doors in our house or we get caught on them. Lol

On this day last year, it was K’s due date! Obviously, she was late. I got an email from Baby Center today. They’re usually titled “Your Baby – Month 9” or something like that. Today’s was titled, “Your TODDLER – One Year!” 😭 Just, no. She’s still a baby!!! 6 more days…

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