Day 357

Kensie did so much today I wanted to tell you guys all about that I wasn’t even sure which thing to start with. Then I put her to bed and she topped it all off and gave me my answer. I was singing to her and she was sucking on her pacifier and had her head on my shoulder like usual. Then she sat up, took it out, and gave me 2 kisses without me even asking. 😭😭 Top 5 moments of my life. 

It’s bittersweet how quickly time is going by but it is so much fun watching her grow and learn and develop into the little human she’s becoming! 

I ran open gym before I coached this morning so I hung out with K in her baby jail and she could not have been happier about the situation! 

When mom plays with me it’s the BEST!!!

Class was during her nap time so instead of napping, she played hard. So hard, that this was Kensie by the time we got home. 

That leg. 😂

We had a quick break at home and then it was back to the gym. She didn’t have much of an afternoon nap since her morning nap was so late but apparently she didn’t need it. This kid didn’t stop moving all afternoon. 

Everything must be touched.
…and licked. She was trying to put the laces in her mouth. This kid will have the strongest immune system ever.

Kens found her old chair in the corner of the gym and decided to use it as a walker…sort of…a knee walker?…while she shoved it around the ENTIRE gym. 

Once she was done with the chair, she moved to a barbell. Watch until the end…she saw Uncle Will come in and literally couldn’t contain her excitement. It was so damn cute. 

Before we left, Kensie made her way over to the barbells and took one of the rags and started wiping them. 😂 I was half in shock. I know she is there all the time and sees it, but I guess I never really knew she paid attention to those things. Watching her piece things together and do/use them in the right context blows my mind. 

K got her daily walk in hanging out with Uncle Will before his class. She still only takes a step here and there without holding on to someone or something, but we’re all keeping an eye out because she’s going to get up and take off any day now, just like she did with crawling. Zero to hero is her style. 

If you can’t tell in those photos, K Baby more than earned her bath tonight. 

Not sure if you can see it, but there’s literally dirt on her mouth

She obviously could care less.

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