Day 356

For the 3rd morning in a row, after wrestling Kensie to change her diaper (sit the eff STILL!!!!) she picked up her necklace, put it to her neck and then handed it to me. Then, she picked up a bow (that didn’t match) and put it on top of her head. 😂😭 So, next week she’ll just be getting ready all on her own?! That’s surely how it feels!

I was the WORST picture taker today but I sort of got a video of K’s new “cheese” trick. 

Today we had a lunch and shopping date with Aunt Ashley and Baby Henley! Kens was a crazy lady at lunch and plunged her whole hand into my chili bowl. Like up to her wrist. Luckily it had been sitting out a while and it wasn’t that hot anymore.🤦🏼‍♀️ 

We told her to cheese and it worked. Even with the pacifier.
…then I took her pacifier out. Also, she was mid reaching for Henley and stopped to pose for us. 😂

For Kensie’s birthday, Chris and I wanted to write K a letter each year that we would save and give to her when she turned 18. Ashley got us the best gift for it today!!! Check out this super cute book, “Your life in letters”, made for keepsake letters from Newborn-18!

Thanks Ash!!! 😘

The amount of writing I have for a letter for this little girl will take her from her 18th birthday until her 21st just to read it all. 😂

I am sure the long, sweet letters will turn into much shorter letters when she’s about 13. That one might be a few lines similar to “You’re quite the asshole lately and you’re lucky I love you.” 🤷🏼‍♀️😜

For now, she’s the absolute sweetest. Chris came and picked up Kens from the gym while I finished coaching and went to the grocery store to grab dinner. I came home to dinner, flowers and a blizzard! Chris said he let Kensie pick the flowers out by herself. 

Daddy said she cheesed the whole way through the grocery store.

Looks like I’m not giving up breastfeeding just yet. Have to go burn off these extra calories real quick. Ice cream is worth it. 😜

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