Day 355

Well it seems Kensie has a new favorite food. Confession: I usually grab a snack to eat while K is in the bath. I don’t get to dinner until 7:30-8 so I’m STARVING when we get home from the gym. (See where K gets her drama from?) 

I bought these super healthy Ritz Cracker/Chips because…BOGO. It’s also me trying to take advantage of still being able to eat these things until I stop breastfeeding and actually have to go back to not cramming my face with chips and PB&J. 

Anyways, Kensie kept grabbing for them so I licked the salt off a corner and gave her a piece. Y’all. MIS. TAKE. She was grunting and pointing and ooing and straight BEGGING for them. I gave her a few more. We went and got her PJs on. I sat down to feed her. She rolled off my lap, crawled away, found the chips and started pointing and grunting again. 😂

Role model mom over here guys. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

Kensie has also mastered “cheese!” She’s usually pretty good at posing for photos if I tell her to smile but today when she was distracted I kept telling her “say cheese” and she’d look right at the camera and smile. 😂

I wasn’t quick enough
No cheese needed here. SO happy to see Riley and Harper!
Straight ham mode
Ham part 2. This fake smile was all for the camera. 😂

This morning K partied in her diaper and ate breakfast on the counter. I was trying to eat some breakfast quick and she kept trying to climb up my leg. I set her up by me and handed her a banana to see if she’d eat it. She was too high to hand it to the dogs so it was a lot more successful than anything she eats in her high chair. 

I’ve been giving Kens Motrin before bed as her top teeth start to break through. She was SO happy all day yesterday and seemed fine so I skipped it. This morning she was still happy but a little clingier and extra snuggly. 

My legs are apparently much more comfy than her chair.

Once Kensie found the energy to stop clinging to me and play, it was full on rock climbing mode today. 

We were running errands and Kensie was trying to climb over the counter. 🤦🏼‍♀️
And on her walker/table
Which she surprisingly figured out how to get down from on her own!

K took her morning nap in the car between errands and had an early and short afternoon nap at home; which meant an extremely long and exhausting afternoon for this mama. Kens was in bed asleep by 6:45…and I’m not far behind her. ✌🏼 

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