Day 354

Kensie was one happy, kissing, smiling little copy cat today!!! 

Loves her puppies!!!

I think I’ve also solved our “Kensie won’t eat” problem. Kensie won’t eat if you treat her like a normal baby and put her in a high chair and give her her own food. Well, excuse me. 

However, if I give her anything I am eating, and let her sit with me, she’s all about eating “real” food. 🙄 She also won’t fall for the fake “oh look I’m eating this too” and trying to get her to eat her food. Too smart for her own good. 

She has mastered putting silverware from the food into her mouth, but she’s still working on getting food on it first. 🤦🏼‍♀️

K had a blast playing with Riley, Harper and Levi today!! 

Great babysitter

She was a trooper for my morning workout and took 2 long naps in between playing today. I finally got a good view of her upper gym and we have TWO top teeth broken through! Maybe now she can attempt to chew some food. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Oh hey mom. I was happy playing but now that I see you I need “up” please!

As you can see, I also resolved the picture issue. I  migggghhhtttt have maxed out the storage limit and had to purchase more. 😳 

I tried to get a video of Kensie giving kisses when she went on her smooch spree this afternoon. She got distracted by the camera (shocker – literally saw it and posed for a photo) but we caught one of her sweet, open mouthed, wet smooches for ya. 😉😙

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