Day 352 & 353

BREASTFEEDING MOMMAS: check out the end of my post – I need ya! 

We have a SMOOCHER! Kensie was handing out kisses like candy today! It’s extremely cute but make sure you’re ready to commit if you ask for one. She’ll grab your face and plant it on…and she hasn’t quite mastered keeping her tongue in her mouth so you may get some slobber. 😂

But when you’re that cute, slobber is forgiven.

Kensie had a fun weekend full of teething and football! She cheered on the Gators and UCF with daddy on Saturday and rooted for the Jags and Packers on Sunday. Home girl was 3 for 4 with the WINS! 

Cheering on the Gators with Daddy!
Wings and football. 🤷🏼‍♀️
And now WP is saying I don’t have room to upload any more photos sooooo I’ll have to figure that out tomorrow. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Get it together WordPress, we only have 12 more days to finish off our year! (😳😭)

Kens grew up again this weekend. She’s started saying “all done” instead of just signing it. It sounds more like “ah don don” but the sign language clarifies it for us. Haha! She also took her brush after bath and tried to brush her own hair. 

Today I started to attempt weaning K from breastfeeding. I can’t believe we’ve made it the whole year!!! My original goal was only 6 months, so I’m extremely proud of us and thankful for making it this far! However, I’m going into this “weaning” process with no manual. So, mamas that have been there, advice is welcomed!!! 

The last 2 weeks I started stretching out her feedings. She goes 3-5 hours between nursing depending on the time of day. I give her real food in between to hold her over. Today, I tried to completely replace a feeding (mid morning) with breakfast. The hardest part was getting her to actually eat. It took 3 separate attempts but she finally downed some turkey and yogurt. 

I have no intentions of going cold turkey and still plan to nurse her before bed or in the mornings  until around the New Year, then have her completely weaned by March. So, we have some time to ease into it! 

I’m half looking forward to having my body back to myself and half sad that this stage went by so quickly. I’ve said before I was completely indifferent about breastfeeding. Having gone through it, I’m now amazed by it. The fact that one thing, provided by one person, can grow another human’s bones, muscles, organs, etc is mind blowing. Anyways, I’ll stop going off on rabbit trails now. If any mommas have some weaning tips and tricks that worked for you, please send ‘em my way! 

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