Day 351

It was not a fun Thursday night in the Hall household. Kensie woke up every 2.5 hours last night screaming. The first time I thought it was a bad dream. Second time maybe she was hungry. The 3rd or 4th time she woke up (don’t judge me, it’s a blur) I realized something had to be wrong. She didn’t have a fever and I couldn’t feel any teeth (not that it means they aren’t there).  Around 3am I gave her some Motrin and she went back to sleep until 6, ate, and went back down for another 90 minutes. 

To top it off, I had a super sore throat and got put on a Z-pack today so waking up to a screaming child every few hours last night was less than pleasurable. Cherry on top? Last time I was on antibiotics it gave K a yeast infection. So, this weekend is looking promising. Lol 

Good thing you’re so damn cute!

Kensie was off and on between happy and losing her shit all day long. 

Happy Kensie
Losing her shit Kensie.

Kensie hung out at Titi Char’s house while I went to the doctor this morning and helped her work. 

I think the multiple wake ups last night got to K today because she seemed like she wanted to play but she was tired so like her momma, she had no patience and kept flipping the switch to clingy/cranky. 

She cheered up when we got to the gym and had so much fun walking around with Robin while I coached!

While at the gym, Murii also solved our mystery: when she was tossing Kensie up and down she got a perfect view of the top of her mouth. Looks like we have a top tooth trying to break through! 

While my class was doing the workout, a few people were across the gym playing with Kens. I started hearing her crack up and looked over to see her newest skill. Throwing balls! Which is apparently hilarious. And I’m pretty sure we have a lefty! 

I gave Kensie more Motrin before bed tonight so I am hoping the poor babe doesn’t wake up in pain. To all of you that have babes that weren’t phased by teething: I am extremely jealous. That is all. 

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