Day 329 & 330

I know, I know. 3 days later…we’re finally back! It’s been a long week. We got our power back Thursday afternoon and we’ve been trying to get our lives back in order since. 

All out of sorts over here. KB’s eating tables…

Kensie has a few new tricks from this week! Her new favorite is to ask you to pick her up, and then point where she’d like you to walk. She points a few different places and then when she’s at her destination, she reaches to get down. I’m not sure where she learned it but I guess I’m proud. Kens has the “work smarter, not harder” concept down. 

This is the “give me your phone” point

She has been boycotting her naps, but after her late feeding last night, she slept until 6a today!! Then, she ate and went back down until 7:30. I think I’ve discovered the real secret to sleep training: alcohol and a babysitter. Hahaha! I’m only half kidding…

Kensie is currently obsessed with looking at herself. Yesterday she was super cranky (see above: boycotting naps) and I took my phone out to video her crankiness and the second she saw herself she was happy and smiling. πŸ™„

KB has also been a great eater this week! I am not sure if she is starting to wean herself or it’s just too hard to breathe while she breastfeeds with her super stuffy nose, but she’s been going a lot longer between feedings, they’re shorter than usual and she’s been eating 2 “real” meals a day and not asking for milk right after them! 

I have a severe lack of photos from the last few days and that isn’t because I’ve been busy – it’s because my phone is the WORST. It decided to randomly delete all of my photos a few days ago, my contact names disappeared for a while, and it keeps telling me I have no storage, even though I’ve deleted everything I possibly can. πŸ™ 

I think Apple purposely bugged my phone so I’d buy the new one next month. I would have done that anyway, but now I’m getting the largest one they have. Well played, Apple. 

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