Day 328

Bad news? Still no power and KB didn’t nap today. Good news? She went to bed easier than ever and WE HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE FOR YOU! 

We are SO excited to team up with Silli Chews and support their small, woman run business! I posted about this adorable donut teether Kensie got from her Aunt Shell a few weeks back. It’s still her favorite and now we get to offer you guys 10% off any of their teethers with code BOWS10!!! I think KB’s next one will be the phone since she won’t stop putting mine in her mouth…

How cute are these?!

On to our day…K was great and had a blast, but being off her routine is definitely getting to her. KB took 2 brief naps while I ran some errands and that was it. 

She was extremely happy to wake up and see Titi Char and Uncle Bah Bah!

Her lack of naps created one extra snuggly KB at the gym tonight. I was thankful for Erin and Kristy holding her while I worked out and she gave Kristy the sweetest snuggles. I missed the photo op, but you know Kensie posed for one once she picked her head up from Kristy’s shoulder! 

Not sure what sucks more, still being out of power or that starbucks has no milk so they can’t make me a Salted Carmel Latte. I think it’s the combination that’s really hitting where it hurts. 

All joking aside, I am thankful all we are out is power. I know there’s people that lost a LOT more than that. Looking forward to our lives and all of Florida getting back to normal soon! 

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