Day 331 & 332


KB had a fun weekend of shopping, eating, climbing and staying up past her bedtime!

The girl has great taste!
Round of applause for girls day!
I didn’t buy this. But I should have. #minipurse

Kens was the best shopping buddy, as usual! She fed herself lunch and would only drink water from Titi Char’s Yeti, because you know, she’s too fancy for her sippy cup. πŸ™„ 

11 months going on 16.

Since KB has been boycotting her naps, I gave up on the 2-3-4 method this weekend and decided I wouldn’t put her down for the first nap anymore. Saturday she seemed really tired just before lunch so I gave it a go. Success! She went down for her nap Saturday and Sunday without a meltdown! 

And she was the ultimate snuggler when she woke up.

I see KB pretty much every second of every day, but I swear some days I look at her and think she grew up overnight! Today was one of those days. 

Breakfast on the floor, so she can’t throw it off her high chair. Solutions.

Oh, you watch TV in your chair now?! Ok.

Say “cheese”! She’s already started the fake camera smile πŸ˜‚

Is it just me?! Or does my baby look like a little girl? (That’s rhetorical). 

We had a fun family lunch and then did some adulting at Publix. Though, I don’t know how adult it seemed since Chris and Kensie ran down half of the aisles. 

Ticklish like her momma!

When we checked out at Publix the cashier asked me if I made her bow. I told her yes (well, Casey did) and she said I should start a business. Well fancy that! LOL Bows of Kensington out reppin’ today! 

On a sort of unrelated note: is it normal for breastfeeding to start randomly hurting almost 11 months in?! I am extremely thankful she’s been eating other food lately because breastfeeding has been painful this week and I am not sure why. From Day 1, it was never painful for me. Lately, it’s extremely uncomfortable, sensitive and flat out painful at times. The thought crossed my mind that she’s changed her latch now that her teeth have come in. Not sure how legitimate that theory is. All I know is I am not a fan and each day this has been going on I’m more and more thankful that we’re almost to that one year mark! (For breastfeeding purposes only. We all know how I feel about her turning a year aside from that. 😭)

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