Day 316

Fat Lip Friday. It’s now a thing. Today was the day….Kensie had her first face plant along with the puffy lip to prove it. 

I couldn’t get a good shot but the middle of her top lip has a nice blood spot πŸ˜ͺ

If you’ve seen my instagram story today, you saw that Kensie spent her day climbing EVERYTHING in her playroom and we had one more spill with a head bump and tears. 

Because she can’t just sit on the floor.
She got into that all on her own
Time for me to take this out of the room, but I was curious to see her plan on getting down first.

As if that’s not enough drama for one day, tonight’s the night y’all. Let the sleep training begin. Please pray for me. 

Post nap and eating, she wasn’t quite done napping apparently.

After last nights late bedtime due to football, we had a pretty whiney/clingy Kens today. 
Like I mentioned, we are starting her sleep training tonight. For those thinking “yeah you said that, what the hell does it mean?!”…it means we are taking steps towards getting K to stop waking multiple times a night to eat and learn to sleep through the night. 

While I love being able to provide for her in such a special way and that I get some extra snuggles out of her at night, we both need to do this for our health. Even though the wake ups are short and we get to go right back to sleep, the short stretches of sleep are starting to take a toll and a full nights sleep is healthier for the both of us. (Plus, maybe without all the midnight milk her feet won’t be so fat anymore and some shoes will start fitting her. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚)

I did a lot of research, read a few books and talked with some friends before we decided on a method we felt would work for us. (I also waited until an age I was comfortable with). Once we picked a “method”, I took 2 more steps to get us ready for tonight: 

I set her monitor up so I could check on her without going in the room. (Her room is attached to the Master so we have never really needed it before).

I promise she’s in there…

And I got her a night light! A friend of mine has 2 babies that sleep through the night and both use(d) pacifiers. Kensie’s room has a blackout curtain and it’s so dark when I go to get her that I actually can’t even see her. (One time I walked into the door..haha!) My friend told me she has night lights in there and when they wake up, they’ll grab their pacifier and go back to sleep. Since K still uses hers for comfort, I’m hoping this helps soothe her since I can’t. 😭

I searched a ton of reviews and chose this light. I love it already. It is bright enough for her to see but not too bright. It also has a dimming feature and you can change from the color from bright white to a warm yellow. When the battery dies we charge it with a USB! 

Around 10p I will go in and do a “dream feed” which means I will feed her while she’s still asleep. I’m mainly doing that for me, so I can assure myself when she wakes up at 12 that she doesn’t need food (cause this mama will use any excuse to go comfort her). We will only let her cry for a max of 10 minutes. If she doesn’t go back to sleep by then, Chris will go in, tell her it’s okay, rub her back/kiss her/tell her that it’s time to sleep. The goal is to comfort her by letting her know she’s not alone, but not pick her up. 

I can’t go in because she will smell milk, and me leaving will cause her to cry for longer. The idea is that she knows dad can’t provide what she wants, so if that’s her option, she’ll cry louder at first but not for as long and she should give in quicker and go back to sleep. 

I highly suspect Chris and I will be overtired and cranky tomorrow from a lack of sleep tonight so if you see me tomorrow, please don’t judge the bags under my eyes and excuse my bad attitude. Hopefully I’m wrong and we don’t lose much sleep; if not, I hope it at least pays off! 

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