Day 315

Today is Day 315…which means only 50 days until Day 365. 😧 But, howwww?! Kensie made this day a GREAT one and it ended with a bang at her very first College Football game! 

Family Knight!

She had another early wake up but it worked out because we had another early (and long) morning at the gym. She did get to see some of her favorites at o’dark thirty and they were all rocking their UCF gear!

Ready for game day before 7am!

Kensie thinks everything at the gym is hers.
It kind of is. Gym baby is an understatement!

I coached through her nap time and Kens kept her game face on the whole time. The second she got in the car it was game over. Before I even shut her door, K was out. When we got home I moved her over to her crib and she went right back to sleep. 

That booty πŸ˜‚

Kens was unbelievably good playing all by herself while I got some work done this afternoon. She got extremely quiet at one point and I turned around to find this:

She climbed up there all on her own and was just sitting there like a big girl! 😭

Already a pro at posing for the camera

This evening Kensington went to her first College Football game to watch UCF crush FIU!

This was how she positioned herself so she could see everyone…

Aunt Emmy hooked her up with mini solo cups that kept her occupied the entire time. πŸ†

Dinner with a view?

Tonight was proof that she’s all about her bedtime routine. She started rubbing her eyes at 6:56 and by 7:15, this was our situation. 

Walking around with this 20lb attachment was my workout for the day, but it was worth it! 


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