Day 314

This child is way too smart. Literally anything Kensie watches me do, she tries to do herself. Last week it wasn’t a fluke – she’s continued opening her baby gate this week (anytime I don’t put the clasp under the second lock, she can open it) and escaped. She also now tries to turn on her bath water. Luckily her grip isn’t that strong…yet. 

Kensie was in her playroom today waving at…no one. I asked her what she was doing then I realized Baby Einstein “Baby’s First Moves” was on and it was saying “wave”. 😯 Y’all. The lady that created Baby Einsteins…genius. 

We got out of the house for a bit this morning to run some errands. You guys know Kens was all about it. 

She won’t look at me because she has to make sure she sees every single person that walks by.

Target should consider hiring greeters like Walmart. Kensie would like to apply. She waved at everyone walking in the door as I got her situated in the cart cover today. 

She was hardcore staring down the ladies in line behind me because she wanted to “talk” to them. 🤦🏼‍♀️

This morning KB slept in like a champ and was a happy babe all day long…and she ate 3oz of purée for breakfast again today!! 

KB partied in the bedroom while I got ready to run errands and she got started her Birthday list…good luck, Chris. 

The girl’s got great taste. 🤷🏼‍♀️

This afternoon at the gym, I set up a new contraption for Kensie when she needs a break from baby jail but I can’t let her crawl around. (Keep your judgemental opinions to yourself). 

KB had a blast turning in circles in the jumper! I actually returned this thing 3 times, because we don’t have many door frames in our house to be able to use it on, and apparently it kept going back on our registry so it kept getting re-purchased for us. Finally I just kept it and I figured I’d give it a shot at the gym. She didn’t exactly jump, but I think she liked the new view and she loved spinning around! It was freedom with boundaries. Win/win! 

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