Day 308

K was allll about the milk stash today! She spent her entire breakfast signing “all done”. πŸ™„ 

I tried to ignore her because you can’t be all done when you never even started…but if you continue to try to feed K once she’s told you she’s all done, she’ll do one of 4 things:

1. Smack it out of your hand

2. Throw it

3. Feed it to the dogs

4. Any combination of the above 

Kensie wasn’t too great at eating today but she was the BEST napper. She went down for both of her naps with zero fighting or fussing. In between them, B (grandma) and Aunt Sarah came over to play! 

And play they did. I had the chance to run some baby free errands and when I got home, little miss was pooped. She went right down for her afternoon nap and when she woke up, she wasn’t ready for it to be over. 

Not having it mama. (I thought she was just being snuggly)

Andddd back out she went.

Just make yourself comfy, KB. This is why it’s hard to get to the gym on time…

All that sleeping did her some good – she was happy as could be while I coached! I let her roam around during the beginning of class since there weren’t barbells flying and KB had an obsession with Gaby today. She kept following her and crawling over to wherever she was! 

Look mom, I found her again! πŸ˜‚

Once the workout started, I put K in baby jail and she didn’t even pretend fuss! She went straight to her toys and played. She stood up when they started and watched everyone run in and out. I didn’t get a photo or video – but she saw Chris pull up in the back (she could see out the large bay doors) and he got his things out and was standing by the car. K was standing in her baby jail just looking at him out in the parking lot going “Dada! Dada!” 

Sometimes when she says Dada I wonder if she’s just saying it or knows what it means. Today proved she DEFINITELY knows who Dada is! Too sweet. Speaking of Dada…this is my view as I write her blog tonight. 

Does it get any sweeter?!

I fully intend on putting her back in her crib once I get her post up – but while we are on the topic, I’ve got this (possibly ridiculous) theory on how to get KB to sleep through the night.

I never set alarms anymore because I know Kensie will eventually wake up and in turn, wake me up. Currently, I get up when she wakes throughout the night, usually twice, and feed her. The last 2 nights I have gone in before she wakes up, and fed her earlier so I can get a longer stretch of sleep. So, here’s my theory. I’m going to try it for 2 weeks or so, then I’m going to stop going in. 

I’m curious if I set an expectation that she thinks I’ll wake her up to feed her, that she will just sleep until I wake her; similar to how I don’t set an alarm. 

If it doesn’t work, at least it lets me get a longer stretch of sleep at night. So really, I win either way. πŸ˜‰

I’ll end this post with an awesome photo of Kensie’s new hairstyle for you to enjoy. I’m still waiting for it to be long enough for a pony tail, but Sam said she’ll continue to style it for her in the meantime. πŸ˜‚

Ace Ventura? Oompa Loompa? A hoo? So many Halloween options.

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