Day 307

KB took a mini road trip with me to have a special lunch with Aunt Keelin!

Kens was such a “big girl” and tried lots of new foods! She was a fan of the salmon and had some pasta for the first time! She also liked sucking on the lemon. Things she’s not a fan of? Guacamole or avocado. 

It looks like she’s ordering but she was just slamming the menu up and down like the classy babe she is.

Alright then.

To no ones surprise, she loved looking around at everyone, waving and “talking” (you all know that’s a synonym for yelling by now). She had a few conversations with an older man at the table next to us and he even understood her sign language for more! 

I woke her up from her morning nap that she had JUST fallen asleep for to head to lunch thinking she’d just sleep in the car. Nada. She was extra happy though! 

I promise I was watching the road. Hence the bouncing, not centered video. 

This afternoon K partied at the gym like usual. 

Thanks for sharing the gainz, dad.

I let her get her workout in today with some extra crawling. No matter where you set her down, Kensie eventually finds her way to these clips and either eats them, throws them all on the floor, or both. (We also got her fake cough on camera πŸ™„)

This morning K woke up SO happy and started playing with my phone. She captured some great shots. 

Look! She recreated the eclipse!

I turned the camera around to see if she’d accidentally take a selfie. She’s didn’t, but I took one for her.  The flash probably blinded her, but at least I got a cute photo! πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

I don’t think we did permanent damage. She didn’t run into anything today so we’re good.

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