Day 306

For all of you that won’t read the whole blog and just this part, I’ll put the important info first. PSA: if you aren’t handicapped or have a baby to change, go in a normal. freaking. bathroom. stall! I know that you won’t have as much room to play candy crush in there and all, but those of us that actually need that stall would appreciate it.

Rant over. 

Happy Eclipse Day! I don’t have a photo of it to share like the rest of the world, so I’ll share my favorite meme from today instead. 

I did look for a a second but I’m self-employed so I had to look away before any damage was done. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚

Okay, now the reason you’re all here. 

Kensie Brooke was a ham and a half all day. As I was getting ready to leave this morning it was rather quiet and I heard a clicking noise coming from the playroom. I caught K hard at work on a jail break. 

We finally made it over to see Kensie’s chiro this morning after having to reschedule 3 times. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Told you she was a ham today.

She was pretty pumped to see Dr. Christina! She showed her all her new tricks and gave her an applause with a “yay” when she was all done. 

Good thing Dr. Christina can adjust her on the move because the days of laying down for adjustments are long gone.

We stopped by the Hospital on the way home to hang out with Baby Henley and bring the new mom and dad some much needed coffee! 

Just waving at her BFF

She had a blast playing with Uncle Will and talking non-stop to everyone that walked in the room.

We made a pit stop at the grocery store since we were slackers this weekend and didn’t quite make it there. I think it’s Kensie’s favorite place because she can talk to everyone that walks by. πŸ™„ 

Okay Kensie. She also wouldn’t put her legs in the holes.

KB had lunch a little late today but she crushed some turkey!!! She was shoving it in by the fistful. 

Since we were on the go a lot today K took her naps in her car and her afternoon nap was much earlier than usual. When we got home from the gym KB was OUT. 

I made her wake up once we got inside so she’d go to bed on time and then was trying to be nice and share my post workout snack with her but she got a little greedy. I didn’t even know she liked bananas. 

When I got Kensie out of her bath tonight and we looked in the mirror she looked like such a little girl in her towel that I literally did a double take. I think she grew up more overnight. Where did my baby go?! 

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