Day 300


Kensie celebrated the milestone by fighting both of her naps today. πŸ™„ I’m working on getting her back to the 2-3-4 nap schedule she was doing so well on before our lives got crazy these last few weeks. Yesterday was solid. Today? Not so much. She has been going to bed all on her own the last few nights though so I’ll chalk that up to a win! 

Only 1 more day of more floating videos of K! 😝 She did amazing on test day 2 in her “summer clothes”. At the end she had to pull the shirt off her face and she did it immediately!


I’m so proud of this little girl and so thankful for Mrs. Heidi. A lot of you guys have commented about it worrying me or making me anxious. Honestly? It doesn’t. Sure there have been a few moments where my momma instinct would be to grab her, but that’s why I’m not the instructor. Lol 

Heidi has been doing this for YEARS and I trust her with Kensie completely. It’s actually a very comforting thing to me. We have a pool less than 6 feet from our back door. Knowing that if an accident happened (God forbid) that KB could at least hold her own for a couple minutes until someone grabbed her makes me feel a million times better! 

There’s a little girl that swims before Kensie named Charlee. She’s 3 (I believe) and she LOVES Kens. Her mom said she asks about her all the time, talks about how much she “just loves her” and calls her “my baby”. πŸ˜‚ She also drew this picture of her…bow and all! 

Since Kens pushed her afternoon nap off for an entire hour before giving in, I had to wake her up to take her to the gym. Luckily she fell right back asleep once we got in the car and I was able to (almost) finish my workout before she woke up!

Her favorite afternoon activity is speed crawling around the gym and I swear no matter where she starts, she finds her way to the ONE spot with cables. 

Nooooo, KB!

Tyler wanted to pose with her, too. He gives Kensie a fist bump every single day. So, when she starts doing that to people, I’ll credit him with teaching her.

Well I didn’t bring Kensie’s dinner to the bathtub tonight, but apparently nothing within reach is safe anymore. 

Yeahhhh that’s her towel…

Lesson learned. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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