Day 298

At least for today…we have an EATER! Kensie ate food for all 3 meals today and skipped 2 of her normal “milk” feeds! AH! There’s hope yet! 

Where’s the party?

To be clear, I don’t plan to wean K off breastfeeding until after she’s 1, but I was starting to think this girl would never replace her milk with real food! 

We kicked the morning off with oatmeal for breakfast and after less than half of it, Kensie signed  “all done” and started shoving it away. I had some zuchinni in a pouch that was about to go bad so I figured I’d give it a shot. She chowed 3oz of it under 2 minutes! BOOM!!

Lunch was a little unintentional. We went to brunch after church and the seating arrangement was less than ideal; so, K was in my lap the whole time. She decided she’d like to eat my breakfast. I was more than okay with that! She ate some eggs and grits. Homegirl apparently LOVES grits. Kens found the eggs were more fun to play with than eat. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ 

When there’s a wait, you turn the stroller into a jungle gym

Daddy’s Shoulders. A Highchair. Same thing!

This afternoon K got a special package at the door! 

Thanks so much Aunt Shell!

How fitting that it’s a donut while today’s entire post is apparently about nothing but eating. 

Kensie LOVES it. I can see why it won an award! She chomped on this baby (almost) the entire time we were at the grocery store!

K took some breaks to talk to people aka squeal, and we discovered a new game. Apparently “shhh” is serious belly laugh material for KB. 

During her bath tonight Kensie used the side of the tub to stand up as usual. But then she let go, squatted, and stood back up without help! I have a feeling K’s walking will be similar to her crawling where she doesn’t do it at all and then takes 10 steps her first try. This little diva seems to do things 110% or not at all. Commitment is a great quality you seem to have, KB! 

This weekend has gone by all too quickly.  It’s Kensie’s test out week for swim and last week as a 9 month old! Time. Slow. Down!!! 

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