Day 297

K had an eventful day and I had a moms ideal Saturday morning…a blowout before 9am! 


Since Kens is Captain Wiggle Worm lately, I think her diaper mayyyy have been a little off to the side on this one. Hahaha! I was at the gym and one of the girls came over with “the news”. She damaged the blanket but somehow avoided her outfit. Nothing a little washing machine can’t fix! (The blanket. Not the baby.)

Kensie was a great assistant coach this morning and shook the bell as she cheered everyone on. 

And then in typical Kensie fashion, she ate it.
Daddy had to work today so we had the ultimate girls day complete with a baby shower and birthday party! 

First stop was a baby shower for our sweet friend Robin and Baby Charlotte aka Charlie! 

Such a gorgeous mama-to-be!

Considering Kensie never napped, she did exceptionally well! 

I asked her to stop and take a picture as she was crawling around and no joke she turned to me and smiled! Little ham!!
Love these ladies – so does K!
Looking back for approval as she climbed the stairs…she got removed after this photo. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

K finally got a nap in on the car ride from the baby shower to Harper’s first birthday party. 

Good thing she rested up because once we got there it was full on party mode for KB!!

Harper may have skipped her nap today πŸ˜‚
Then she tried to share her cake with Kens!
K’s favorite part of BOTH parties today…Balloons!

Toys with the birthday girl!

I had to multitask and give Kensie lunch as I got ready for the day. I brought her chair into the room and looked over to find this madness. 

Kensington Brooke!!!! Who taught you that?!

I thought that didn’t start until they were like…5?! 

Anyways, while we are on the topic of eating…KENSIE ATE ALL 4oz OF HER DINNER!!!! Pineapple+banana+navy bean+yellow bell pepper+pats FOR THE WIN!!! She must have worked up a serious appetitite today. Let’s hope she was worn out enough for a long stretch of sleep tonight because this mama is exhausted! 

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