Day 296

Kensie’s normal bedtime? 7. 7:30 on a late day. Tonights? 10:45. Completely on us. We went out for a late dinner with friends and took K with us. In my mind she was going to sleep…nope. Miss FOMO didn’t miss a second of the action. At least she was (mostly) happy. Chris and I are making a solid run for Parents of the Year. 🤷🏼‍♀️

You brought a baby? To a bar?
Well – I took a super cute photo of Kensie with her new swing but my phone sucks soooo when I try to send it or upload it, it’s just a grey block. 😪

I did capture the most important moment of the day, though…KB playing peek-a-boo on her own!!!

It was not only adorable, but I was so excited that she knew what I was talking about! Babies fascinate me. It’s crazy to see how much they know and can learn even though they can’t quite communicate it verbally yet. (Thank the Lord for that because Chris and I need to start a swear jar or something before Kensie starts saying too many more words.) 😂

KB was the best baby today!!! She slept in until 8:05 and then she was a great  shopping buddy! We had to drop Lucy off at the vet early and run a bunch of errands. K took both her naps in the car today and in between, she was all chatters and smiles. 

Driving never fails us! Ultimate nap machine.

When Kensie wakes up she goes back and forth between being WIDE awake and considering going back to sleep.

After our errands K was thrilled to destroy her play room for a few minutes while I got ready to go coach. 

This took less than 2 minutes. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Kensie wasn’t having it in baby jail for too long today so Emily played with her. Yesterday, K took 5 steps on her own while Emily held her hand and she’s started walking across the gate while holding onto it. 😳 

My mission is to get her birthday party invites sent out before she starts walking…mom goals. 

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