Day 295

Momma’s, y’all are KILLING me with these back to school photos. Especially the kindergarteners. Half because they’re so cute other half because I know that will be Kensie all too soon and I will be a sobbing mess! 

Our original plan was to put K in daycare parttime after she turned one to socialize her with other babies her age and give me some time to get work done. The closer it gets and the more real it becomes, the more I’m unsure if I’m ready. K is more than ready. She loves playing with other babies. It’s just me over here struggling. πŸ˜‚ Let’s just say I have made zero efforts to start visiting daycares…πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this chunk all day?!

KB doubled her float time today and is officially moving on to “test week” for swim next week! Woohoo! 

On test week she will go in the pool in a normal diaper, summer clothes the next day (a Tshirt to make sure she’ll pull it off her face if the water lifts it) and then pants or PJs! K will learn to swim in the Spring, but right now it’s about survival so we have to make sure that she can rollover and float for a minimum of 60 seconds in different situations. 

Kensie Brooke was such a sweet, snuggly babe today! I’m not sure why but I am not complaining! I got more hugs today alone than the last week combined. 

She was also extra well behaved and played by herself for almost 4 hours total at the gym! We were there 2 hours this morning and 3 this afternoon and once I discovered if I just walk away she’ll stop crying and play, she was a champ. 

Water bottles make the best toys!

Her snuggles combined with a long day at the gym mean a lack of photos for the day – but there’s enough adorable back to school photos for everyone to look at instead! 

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