Day 293

I feel like KB does something new every day at this age! Today? We got a clear “Byyeee!” WITH a wave at Publix!

She wouldn’t nap and we had zero food at home so we took a trip to the store. Of course Kensie fell asleep in the car – but luckily she was more than happy to wake up and stroll around Publix and talk to EVERYONE we walked by. 

Kensie was great the last two weekends but she seems happy to be home! She played in her playroom all by herself while I worked this morning!! No fusses, no climbing up my leg – nothing! Just happy as could be destroying the room. 

K is almost done with swim lessons so I went in again with her to practice her float and rollback. She’s got the muscle memory down! Now we are working on getting her to float for longer periods of time and she’ll “test out” next week! 

You ready for this, mama?

This afternoon Kensie had a friend at the gym for a little bit! Watching the 2 of them together was hilarious. Last time they played, Kensie crawled over and kissed Kalleigh’s face and she wanted nothing to do with her. Kensie kept grabbing her and wouldn’t leave her alone. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Today? Kalleigh returned the favor by kissing Kens, multiple times, and Kensie found it HILARIOUS. 

I feel like she wanted approval of what to do 😂
Working on the that heisman

Tonight Kensie had “real dinner” for the first time!!! Since I plan to start weaning K from breastfeeding at 1, I’m trying to get her more familiar with table food. Her doctor said since she can “pinch” and swallows puffs fine, she’s past the gag reflex issue. I just have to keep the foods soft (duh) since she has like…half a tooth. 

Excuse the dried purée on her bib…

A friend of mine recommended a website called Wholesome Baby Food and I LOVE it for ideas of what to feed K!! They list foods by age and it’s been extremely helpful for me. They have charts starting at 6 months

Tonight Kens had turkey, cheese and a strawberry! She mostly ate turkey and we got a little cheese in there. She made sour faces at the bites of strawberry she took. 

Shoveling that turkey in.

You gotta little something on your chin there, lady.

The only tears we had today were at bedtime. Kens has been so out of her routine that going down in her crib tonight was not a smooth process. I was an awful enabler and let her fall asleep with me so she wouldn’t cry. With how Independent she’s becoming so quickly, I’m secretly trying to soak in all the snuggles I can get while I still can! 

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